Vaginas and Vertebrae

With Dr. Kaylee Simmerman and Dr. Madalyn Turner

Welcome to the podcast, Vaginas and Vertebrae, where two doctors talk all about the “down there” topics that seem to be overlooked. Whether it be mindset, body image, self love, or medical questions we dive deep into all aspects of being a female. Dr. Madalyn is a chiropractor who is on a mission to inspire women to reconnect to their bodies and reclaim their power.

Dr. Kaylee is a pelvic floor physical therapist spreading the truth that your vagina is magical and as a woman, you deserve to rid of all the shame, guilt, and fear limiting you from stepping into your boss bitch self.

Gratitude is Attitude

Choose to be grateful!

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is that time of the year where many of us gather with family, friends, and loved ones and take the time to acknowledge and reflect on what we are grateful for. 

Though it is nice to think about what you're thankful for on Thanksgiving, we should be grateful throughout the year. 

Gratitude is beneficial to your quality of life and may be one of the most overlooked tools that we have access to at no costs!

Join us on this episode as Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn as they talk about the importance of incorporating gratitude into your daily routine and every day life. 





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Dr. Kaylee 

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Website/Resources: https://www.femmempower.org

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Let's talk about anxiety...
We all experience anxiety at some point but at what point will it start affecting our life.
Then comes the question: how do we manage it and how do we cope with it?
Join us on this episode with Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn as they dive into the topic of anxiety with special guests, Dr. Gabbi Whisler and Dr. Kristen Smith. How everyone experiences it differently by sharing their own experiences with anxiety. They give out few tips and recommendations of managing anxiety and understanding how to own up to it so that we can treat it effectively without medication. 
And how it is okay to admit that you feel that you feel anxious and that you have anxiety.
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And Dr. Kristen Smith on Instagram

The PAIN Episode

Guess what...you don’t have to wait to have pain to see a Chiropractor or a Pelvic PT!
[What is pain?]
Pain is widely misunderstood by the public and it is something we don’t talk enough about...
In this week's episode, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee educate us about pain and their definition of pain. And to understand how it is subjective to every person. It is important to listen to our body and understand the triggers in our life that may be causing it. 
We would like to thank every single one of our listeners and let you in with some amazing news!
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How to Find the Right Pelvic PT

Happy Tuesday! 

We are coming in with a brand new episode  of Vaginas and Vertebrae!

Following up from last week's episode,  Dr. Madalyn interviews Dr. Kaylee about qualities and things you should consider to look into when choosing a good Pelvic Physical Therapist. 

How to Find the Right Chiropractor

Coming in with a brand new episode this week!

Q: Are you seeing a chiropractor?

In this episode, both Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee talk about specific things you should consider to look into when choosing a chiropractic provider that is right for you, specifically for you moms out there who are pregnant or postpartum. 



I'm Killin' Myself

Amidst of our fast-paced, day to day lives, we tend to put a lot of things onto our plate. Where the pressure of having everything to be perfect and completed at a certain time can lead to a state of exhaustion, anxiety, and the lack of self worth. 

Sometimes we downplay the over work we put onto ourselves that our well being, physical and mental health are jeopardized. 

In this episode, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee talk about their struggles and how it's okay to not have everything put together. 

After Dark Series: 3 Girls, 1 Guy Tal…

NEW After Dark Series ****Listener Discretion Advised***

Yes, it's here! The very first episode of 2 Girls, 1 Guy...turned 3 Girls, 1 Guy. With two special guests, Dr. Andrew Tran and Dr. Kristen Smith.

An unscripted podcast where Dr. Madalyn, Dr. Kaylee, and Dr. Kristen ask one guy, Dr. Andrew, uncomfortable questions...about sex! Listen to see what guys and girls know and think about sex...who knows what could be said tonight. 

Mind-Blowing Sex with These Tips

Let's talk about sex!

It’s time to heat things up.

Mind-blowing sex can be different for everyone but everyone should experience it! Listen closely to Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn's mind-blowing sex tips to put some sizzle into your orgasm and to make your sexual experience a time to remember. Because we all deserve amazing and pleasureable sex!

Shit Talk

How well do you know your shit?!

Everyone at some point experience constipation in their life…it’s a miserable feeling, which is unfortunate! It is one of the most prevalent GI problems here in America and about 42 million Americans experience it!

When it comes to constipation and bowel movements, how do you know what’s normal and what’s not? Your poop can tell a lot about your health.

On this week’s episode, Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn answers questions that we all have…how often should you poop? What is the proper way to take a shit? And provides us with resources that we can access and different expertise to reach out to.

So the next time you take a dump, be sure to take a peek before you flush!



Recap of stats from Podcast:

-42 million Americans are currently constipated

-When you poop, the coccyx ("tailbone") should move to a certain degree. The degree varies but the coccyx itself has approximately 22 degrees of movement and must move in order to poop properly. Dr. Kaylee is still looking for the correct degree and feels she may have quoted the wrong degree in the podcast but will update once found.

Why Chiros and PTs Should Work Together

It's a brand new week! 

And we got a question for you: How valuable is it that you have a Chiropractor AND a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist on your side?

Let's join Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee as they break down the five reasons why Chiropractors and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists should work together and how it benefits you.

Flipping Women's Health Care Upside Down

In this episode, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee talk about their back stories of their experiences and passions that has lead them to become a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist specifically in Women’s Health.

You will get to know who they are and how they are so passionate in shaking up the Women’s Health Care. They want to expose the truth and address all the misconceptions to the world.

Take a listen!

Let's Talk About Vaginas and Vertebrae

It’s finally here! Listen in to the first episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae. Where Dr. Madalyn Turner and Dr. Kaylee Simmerman introduce what their new podcast mission is about.

The two doctors provide resources and talk about “down there” topics to help educate, especially women, in their healthcare choices.

New and exciting things will be in store, so keep a lookout for the weekly episodes!


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