Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions are the BEST option for you if you are looking to speak with a Doctor, get guidance on making a decision or finding a provider, and depending on where you are located, we can help you right there on your phone or computer!



See Us Anywhere

Whether from your computer or your phone, as long as you have WiFi access you can hop on wherever! We have even seen clients while on vacation!


No Privates Shown

A common concern about Pelvic Floor PT is having to have the pelvic exam. Virtually, that isn't necessary! You get to stay clothed the whole time!


Email Access

After your first session, and after each session, we will be able to give you home exercises and information based on the questions that came up during your session!

Painful Sex, Prolapse, Diastasis Recti

Have you experienced pain with sex? Been diagnosed with prolapse or expect you have diastasis recti? These are excellent reasons to schedule a virtual session!

Incontinence or Return to Fitness

Urinary incontinence (or even fecal incontinence) are one of the most common pelvic floor dysfunctions we treat. Returning to fitness postpartum is a great reason to have a virtual session with us!

Preparing to Give Birth - Pregnancy Fitness

We are equipped to help you prepare for labor & delivery with everything we know to do! We love helping you navigate fitness while pregnant and prepare your body for this marathon!

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