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Training For That 5k, 10k, Half, Or Even Full Can Be More Difficult When You Have To Wear A Pad...

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What Will Leak No More With Running Do For You?

Running has always been something that keeps me sane. It's a way to leave all the shit on the track behind me and move forward!

But how frustrating it is to do so with urine running down my leg... I literally stopped training at one point because of the embarrassment and the fact I could not reach the mileage I wanted because I just peed all the way...

Because of this, I've spent countless amounts of hours on perfecting my formula to preventing leaking with running, the result is my Dry Mileage Blueprint.

After Module 1 You will know about your pelvic floor, why you are leaking, who else is dealing with this, and what are the chances of getting better.

After Module 2 You will know all about your own anatomy, how the bladder works, what is causing you to leak, and some nice words from students.

After Module 3This is where the work begins. This is where you take action to take control of your bladder health and I walk you step by step on what to do.

After Module 4 How to scale, how to run more, run further...

BONUS Module will give you the ways I progress women on increasing speed without leaking, what to do if you leak with change of direction, how progress, etc.

These are all the things that traditional healthcare left out of your treatments but makes all the difference in reaching your goals in the gym.

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Don't Just Listen To Me.... Here's What My Students Are Saying:

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You know, I've kind of always peed with running. My doctor told me that if I wanted to run, it was just something I had to deal with. After my second son, I went to a physical therapist and they told me since I've had kids and am peeing, I should stop running. Well, this is my drug so that didn't happen. So I purchased this program and I am BLOWN AWAY by all the content and information. I knew EXACTLY what to do and I'm now training for my marathon!!!

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Peeing yourself is just embarrassing. And society makes it seems like it's something that's normal. I stopped running because I was so embarrassed and frustrated by it. But after taking this course, I am able to run without any problems. If I do feel a symptom I know exactly why and what to do about it! I HIGHLY recommend this program!

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