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We are experts and will be discussing all things about being a woman, with monthly thoughts through a pelvic PT perspcecitve AND a chiropractor. Each month we will have one guest on for an interview!

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Season 2

Episode 7: Feminine Flow - Get to Know the 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

 Check it out, we got a new episode of Feminine Flow with Dr. Madalyn!

Being a woman can be exhausting especially when you have your period. Yeah…PERIOD.

Periods are also known as the Menstrual Cycle. It is a natural and vital part of any woman’s life.That’s why it is important to know what is exactly happening to our body.

On this episode, Dr. Madalyn breaks down the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle. She shares a little bit of her story about feeling disconnected to her body, how important it is to understand the changes that are occurring in our bodies, and why it is important for us to start keeping track of our cycles.


Episode 6:

Dang, this episode was not comfortable.  

But I've learned in my life that being a leader shouldn't be comfortable. We should strive to better ourselves, learn the things we do not know, so we can be and do better. I will be the first to admit that I was blind to the issues of racism in our country. I will also admit, initially, I was unsure how to handle the situaiton.

However, I did recognize my own privelage, the systemic racism, and the things I was blatantly not processing. I recognized the deep need to the inner work, the history educaiton, and seeking out how to do better.

That is why I decided to create this episode. It is the details of my thoughts, my open apology, and a perspective that hopefully will continue to help me become part of the solution, not the problem.


Episode 5: The Birth Course You've Always Dreamed Of

Ladies...if you are preparing for birth or pregnancy, you don't want to miss out on this week's episode!!

Birth is a transformative experience! And it is important to discuss the options you have when it comes to your birth preparation. Preparation for birth and pregnancy can feel empowering. There are countless things that you can do to create your envisioned birth process, however...there is a huge gap in childbirth education.

On this episode, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee discuss: questions that are not asked often enough when things don't go as expected, how important it is to have health care providers in your corner who actually want to educate, care, and allow you to understand the choices you have,  and know that you have the opportunity to seek help from health care providers and where to find those resources.

Look no further, we got exciting news to share! Dr. Kaylee & Dr. Andrea from Down There Doc's have a NEW birth course: FEMMEmpowered Birth! Their course has it all!  From learning about your pelvic floor, considerations with exercise during pregnancy, breath mechanics, pushing techniques, to pelvic floor dysfunction education and postpartum recovery. Everything is tailored for all you expecting mamas! So tune in!


Episode 4: Birth & Your Placenta with Midwife Zul

Zul is a Midwife at UMA Midwifery serving families in St.Petersburg, Clearwater and the greater Tampa Bay area-- where she offers prenatal care, home birth, postpartum, doula services and placenta encapsulation. Zul's mission is to help families and expecting mamas create and support their birth experience that they desire.

On today’s episode Dr. Madalyn, Dr. Kaylee, and Zul discuss and answer questions including:

  • How her personal birth story drew her into this career path as a home birth midwife
  • How important it is to know the accessibility and collaboration of specialized health care providers that you can have on your birth team
  • Her opinion on home birth and what factors and reasons to consider during COVID-19
  • What placenta encapsulation is and what are the benefits

Episode 3: Feminine Flow - Welcome to Your Feminine Flow

We are coming in with another brand new monthly series of Feminine Flow with Dr. Madalyn.

On Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn discusses an overview of what to expect on her mini series, her mission, goal, and why it is important to her, she describes infradian rhythm and how it relates and influences the the female biochemistry, and much more. She is here to educate, support, and empower women on their journey. 

Thank you for tuning in!


Episode 2: Coffee & Vulvas - My Vagina Story

Welcome to our new monthly series! OH YES, get excited and grab your cup of coffee...

Tune into the first episode of our monthly series of
Coffee & Vulvas with Dr. Kaylee.

Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee will talk about EVERYTHING from: vagina, pelvic floor, to uncomfortable topics that many women are experiencing, and so much more! On this episode join Dr. Kaylee as she talks about her vagina story, why she became a Pelvic Floor PT, as well as what to expect in the upcoming series, and her vision of empowering women around the world.

Episode 1: Guess Who's Back?! Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae

WE ARE BACK!! Stronger than ever!

Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae...woot!

Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn are SUPER excited to be back. They have a ton of new content coming your way this new season. With more stories from their personal experiences and journeys, sharing their expertise and knowledge in their practices, bringing in more guest experts, empowering womanhood through all transitions of life, breaking down stigmas, and so much more!


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