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Season 2

Episode 36: Coffee & Vulvas - Endometriosis

Starting off this month of May with a brand new episode of Coffee & Vulvas. 

On this episode of Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee dives into Endometriosis. There is no solidified cause, and there is no cure, of this disease and it can affect women at any age as well as (in rare cases) men.

-What endometriosis is
-Signs and Symptoms of clients who have endometriosis
-How it requires proper diagnosis to confirm if you do have endometriosis
-How it is properly treated
-Why people refer to a Pelvic PT and what they can do to help someone who has endometriosis

And much more!

Know that you are NOT your diagnosis.

It's important to know that there are resources out there for you. Seek out medical professionals who will educate, support, and advocate for you.



Episode 35: Disordered Eating with Mollie Birney

This week on Vaginas and Vertebrae, we are excited to share this episode with our incredible guest Mollie Birney. Mollie is a former therapist who worked with disordered eating and addiction turned clinical life coach. 

On this episode Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn discuss with Mollie:

-Her background story that has lead her to transition from a being a therapist into coaching
-Story behind her business and clients she serves
-Her personal recovery and treatment from having bulimia as a former boxer and what drew her into working with eating disorders
-What compulsive exercise looks like
-Her postpartum journey and body acceptance
-Advice and tips with her background in therapy, coaching, and personal experiences.

And so much more!

Know that you are EMPOWERED.
Our bodies are beautiful, valuable and sacred.
It's time to break those stigmas of values that society has instructed women to be.


Episode 34: Feminine Flow - Empowerment, Feminism, and the Birth Control Pill

Is birth control anti-feminist?

On this week’s episode of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn discusses the history of birth control pill and the disconnection between medical transparency, education and the freedom that women have to right to choose what’s best for their health. Before choosing to take the pill, it’s important that women educate themselves about their body, learn how our menstrual cycle works, and utilize resources do some research.

Choose what’s best for you.
You are empowered to make your own decisions.


Episode 33: Coffee & Vulvas - Meet the Docs of Down There Docs

Make sure to grab your coffee, we got a brand NEW episode! 

We are excited to have you tune in and listen to another episode of Coffee and Vulvas.

On this week's episode you will meet and get to know the Pelvic PT Docs of Down There Docs, Dr. Kaylee Simmerman and Dr. Andrea Yarbrough. Both of them discuss who they are, their mission, who they individually treat, and the reason behind their passion to help their clients reclaim their power by eliminating shame and guilt around pelvic floor dysfunction, frequently ask questions, and so much more.

When it comes to choosing your health care provider, it's important consider that you take the time to see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who you can connect with and make you feel empowered. It's your body and you deserve it.

Feel free to reach out and connect with them.


Episode 32: Alternative Approach to Healthcare Through Energy Healing

Let's talk about energy!

As human beings we contain an enormous amount of energy. We are energetically connected to one another. And it is important that we create that space and protect it.

On this episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee share their own experiences with energy healing process through Reiki and Shaman. They discuss the holistic treatments, the process of their energy healing process, and the emotions & feelings that they had through those experiences. In addition they discuss the importance of recognizing the benefits, learning how to ground yourself, and healing your soul as it plays a factor into our daily life and work. And much more. 

It is a remarkable journey to take if you are ready and open to try it.
It's important to find that human connection in our life that help build up our energy.


Episode 31: Global Girls Initiative - Changing the World in High School with Aanya Patel

Did you know that period poverty is not only happening globally but also locally within our community? Yeah you heard that right!

This week on Vaginas and Vertebrae, we are excited to share this episode with our incredible guest Aanya. 

Aanya is a 15 year old high school student who is taking initiative action to advocate for her passion to end period poverty by starting a non-profit called "Global Girls Initiative". 

Tune is as Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn discuss with Aanya her story and the reason behind why she created a Global Girls Initiative, her mission, and workshops they offer for young girls. As well as her experience with running a non-profit, her personal period story, and much more!

Understand that period poverty IS REAL.
Know that you are not alone and if you need help feel free to reach out.

Help support her mission by donating to: PADS-Ending Period Poverty




Episode 30: Feminine Flow - The Truth About Normal PMS

PMS is not normal.

Your period doesn't have to suck and you don't have to feel like crap. Just because many women are experiencing symptoms does not mean they should be. What does that really mean?

On this episode of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn discusses reasons behind why PMS is not normal, factors that play a role in hormonal imbalance, understanding the messages that our body is telling us, and much more!

Support your feminine energy, your hormones, and menstrual cycle so that your body can do its job. Know that YOU are in control.


Episode 29: Coffee & Vulvas - The Truth About Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Here's another new monthly mini series for Coffee and Vulvas!

On this episode, Dr. Kaylee sheds some light on pelvic organ prolapse. She defines what pelvic organ prolapse is, the different kinds of prolapse that she commonly sees with her patients, and addresses the false misconceptions. She also talks about the different stages of pelvic organ prolapse, treatment options (prevention and management), how a Pelvic Physical Therapist can help assess and address the symptoms you are experiencing, and much more. 

Know that you are NOT your diagnosis.
It's time to shift and have these conversations.
Reach out to a Pelvic PT or medical provider.


Episode 28: Pediatric Care In the Comfort of Your Own Home with Dr. Rosana Lastra

We are really excited to have you tune in and listen to another episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae with our amazing guest, Dr. Rosana Lastra!

Dr. Rosana is 24/7 mobile pediatrician at Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. She is passionate in educating and providing families with direct access to primary pediatric care at the convenience of your own home.

On this episode, Dr. Madalyn & Dr. Kaylee discusses with Dr. Rosana:

-Her story of what lead her to become a pediatrician
-The services she offers to her patients being mobile versus being in a clinic office
-The challenges she sees in her field of work
-Why it's important choose a pediatrician who you feel comfortable with & can have those difficult conversations when it comes to your child's health
-Advice on how parents can advocate for better health care for their children & tips for keeping their kids happy and healthy

And so much more!!


Episode 27: Feminine Flow - Surrendering Into the Feminine 

There is this power of feminine energy that is within us.

However, there is an imbalance of energies between feminine and masculine.

Though we have both, we get out of touch with our feminine side especially driven by the masculine world.

On this mini series episode of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn talks about stepping into our feminine energy. In which she discusses what it is, the different characteristics between feminine energy and masculine energy, the importance of--slowing down, reconnecting to our body, intuitions, & emotions, and suggests ways in which you can start connecting with your energy.

It's time to reclaim and embrace the power of your feminine energy.


Episode 26: Coffee & Vulvas - The Sex Talk

Sex has been a taboo subject that has become something that we don't normally talk about. It isn't just about intercourse--it's also about exploring your sexual feelings and pleasures with yourself and your partner. 
On this mini series episode of Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee talks all things sex. She defines what sex is, talks about anal sex, orgasm, sex toys, lubrication, and understanding that sex should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain with sex, consult with a Pelvic PT--they are here to support and educate you. 
It's time to shift the way we think about sex and start having these conversations. 

Episode 25: 10 Simple Things to Improve Your Health

Improving your health does not always require drastic changes. Instead, you can start by taking small steps to enrich your quality of life and overall health.
On this week's episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn shares 10 simple things that you can incorporate daily to improve your health. A few topics they talk about include things like: from sleep hygiene, mental health awareness and healing, to communication, and building your healthcare team. And much more! 
Feel free to reach out and share with us additional things that you take to improve your health and your experience if you've incorporated these into your life.
There are so many options you can take-away and it's important to find something that you enjoy. Tune into what your body needs.

Episode 24: Sexual Exploration and XES Products

We've discussed this many times, that there are so many myths and stigmas in society when it comes to talking about sex, pleasure, and our sexuality. And it should NOT be the case! Our sexual well-being should be empowering, accessible, and inclusive for all.

Our special guest, Isabella, is an Occupational Therapist and cofounder of a business with her partner called XES Products. Their mission is to decrease stigmas and increase education on sexual health, pleasure, disability, and health conditions. And to provide accessible sex products and resources for everyone.

On this episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Madalyn discusses with Isabella of her story and the reason behind why she created XES Products with her partner, the purpose and mission of their business in having accessible sexual health and wellness products for everyone, they break down myths and stigmas around sex and pleasure, advice on buying sex toys, the importance of opening up conversations between sexual partners and between health care providers and patients when it comes to sex, and much more!

It's time to start having these conversations and begin to engage with your sexuality.


Episode 23: Feminine Flow - My Period Story

There is a negative connotation and taboos to the menstrual cycle. That many women are being shamed for and have been limited to talk about it.
On this episode of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn breaks down those stigmas and shares her period story and mission to help women understand and learn about menstruations. She also talks about her irregular pap smear experience, the importance of owning your power as women, understanding the messages of what your body is telling you--to heal and support it, and much more!
Everyone's period story is different. YOUR body is powerful and magical! There are many resources out there. Feel free to share your journey and reach out to Dr. Madalyn.
It's time to own your power and love your body.

Episode 22: Coffee & Vulvas - "The Pill" and Pelvic Pain

The question is: can birth control pills cause pelvic pain?
This week we continue with a brand new mini series episode of Coffee and Vulvas, as Dr. Kaylee addresses whether there is a relationship between oral contraceptive pills and pelvic pain. 
She shares her personal story and experience with taking oral contraceptive and pelvic pain, briefly goes over the three types of birth control, and shares information that she has gathered from doing her research on the topic and its relationship to one another (like how hormone imbalance can affect the pelvic region's structure and function, etc.). 
There has been evidence that contraceptive pills can be tied to pelvic pain but not always. When considering birth control pills it is important to do your research and to find and discuss these questions with a health care provider who will explain birth control options, explains the risks and side effects, and provides reassessments. As well as to reach out to and get consultation from a Pelvic PT, like Dr. Kaylee, to address any concerns. 
It's time to shed the light on this topic. There is more research that needs to be done to address this.

Episode 21: Lessons Learned in 2020

When we entered 2020 with all the hope a new year brings, no one could have predicted the reality that was to come--unplanned expectations and a year full of challenges.

BUT most of all a whole new perspective, takeaways, highlights, and learnings as we enter a new year.

On this episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn reflect back on the past year and talk about 10 lessons they have learned from 2020.

-How this year gave us the opportunity to go through deep healing, growth and connection with ourselves
-How the year had challenged us in a way to show up
-Becoming more mindful
-And shifting our perspectives of being grateful for what we have and much more!

Let us know what you have learned from 2020. Sending you lots of hope and love in the new year!


Episode 20: Holistic Motherhood with Alexa

Wrapping up this month with a very special guest, Alexa!
Alexa is a certified health coach, holistic lifestyle educator, and founder of Holistic Motherhood. She helps educate and empower women through their pregnancy and motherhood journey. She is passionate in helping women thrive and be the best version of themselves through health and wellness. 
On this episode, Dr. Madalyn discusses with Alexa:
  • Her background story that has lead her into this career and how she became so devoted in helping women get support through their own journey 
  • Dive into the topics: well balanced nutrition (the quality of food to nourish our body), environmental toxins, & physical health
  • The importance of being educated, getting support, and being intentional of what we put into our body, before, during pregnancy, and postpartum
  • Her educational platform program accessible for mothers to get support and guidance, community, tools and resources to gain informed and make empowered decisions: Nourished for Life
And so much more!!
Pregnancy and motherhood is an exciting time. Seek guidance and support by owning your own motherhood & be empowered to do so!

Episode 19: Feminine Flow - Understanding PMS & PMDD

When women get their period/menstrual cycle, they start feeling these emotions and changes and don't quite understand why they may be feeling this way.

PMS and PMDD are REAL signs that your body is telling you that there is an imbalance and that your body needs support during these changes. However, it is something that many women are either afraid to talk about or don't know that it is.

On this week's mini series of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn shares with you what PMS and PMDD are, what are some signs and symptoms between the two and how they differ, ways to support your body during this process, the importance of connecting with your body, & more!

Understand that you are NOT alone.
You are NOT broken.

It's time to start having these discussions & feel free to reach out!


Episode 18: Coffee & Vulvas - Navigating an Insomniac Lifestyle

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night?

Know that you are not the only one. Many people experience this and leaving them to feel restless the following day.

On this mini series episode of Coffee and Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee talks about insomnia. She shares her personal experiences and journey with sleep and insomnia, she goes in depth about sleeplessness, the effects of insomnia, the importance of understanding what triggers it, as well as what things has helped her sleep better--what worked and didn't work. And much more!

Give yourself grace...
You are NOT your diagnosis.
Insomnia is NOT your identity.
It shouldn't limit you.


Episode 17: Getting Some Shut Eye - Things We Should Know About Sleep

Let's talk about sleep!

Sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. It's vital but often gets neglected and leaves us restless in that case.
Getting a good night sleep is necessary for our optimal health and well-being. And has been linked to great benefits!

On this week's episode, Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn discuss all things sleep!

They share:
-Their own personal experience with sleep
-Brief discussion of the 5 stages of the sleep cycle
-Hours of sleep needed
-The negative and positive effects
-Advice & tips that has helped them both
And much more!

Listen and share this episode if you or someone you know is struggling with sleep.


Episode 16: Redefining Fitness Even with Anxiety ft. Personal Trainer Jaime

For this month of November, we are excited to share this NEW episode with our special guest, Jaime Filer. She is an online personal trainer and is passionate in helping coach others to achieve their fitness goal and build their confidence. Jamie has helped many women who have mental health barriers that are preventing them from achieving their fitness goals such as anxiety, emotional eating, and eating disorders.

On this episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae Dr. Kaylee, Dr. Madalyn, and Jaime discuss:

-How her personal experiences and her struggles with eating lead her to be so passionate in fitness and training
-Shifting the perception of what fitness is
-Anxiety with fitness
-Advice on what to do when you have a panic attack during exercise
& much more!


Episode 15: Feminine Flow - These Aren't Your Mamas Period Panties

There are so many options when it comes to feminine products nowadays. Having both your period and knowing which period products to use, can be overwhelming ...

On this episode of Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn gives a quick rundown and educates on product options you have when you are on your period, scenarios of when you can use them, what they are and how you can use them, as well has her personal period experiences with products she used then and now, and the pros and cons of menstrual cups and period panties.

Knowing these options shouldn't be limited. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Dr. Madayln and Dr. Kaylee.


Episode 14: Coffee & Vulvas - Pain with Sex

Sex should be pleasurable.
Orgasms are our power.

On this week's episode of Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee describes the different forms of pain with sex,  she also talks about her past trauma experiences that lead to her dyspareunia, the importance of seeking a pelvic PT, communicating with your partner,  and connecting with your body and pelvic floor. And so much more!

Our sexuality is a vital part of being human. It should be pain free, shame free, & enjoyable.

YOU can have pain free sex.
YOU deserve to have pleasurable sex!


Episode 13: F*ck Your Stigma

In society, women are conditioned to be placed to fit in a box of how women are suppose to be, to feel, to act, and look a certain way. This brings upon the struggles that women face. We tend to not feel or express our emotions the way we want to and we tend to hide our struggles which builds up this shame and disconnect.

On this episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn break down the stigmas that women face in society by opening up and sharing their own experiences, they discuss how important it is to give ourself permission to feel validation through our emotions, to understand our feelings, to create an open space, and to allow ourselves to express and communicate with yourself and others.

YOU are empowered to show up for yourself.


Episode 12: Period Talk with The Period Girl

We are super excited about this NEW episode with our very special guest Nicole Jardim, also known as The Period Girl! Nicole is a certified Women’s Health & Functional Nutrition Coach, and the creator/author of "Fix Your Period". She is passionate in helping women take charge of their hormones and fix their periods! So that they can be empowered of their own health and body.
Ladies you know there is a lot of shame and guilt that comes along with having your menstruations. Periods are a vital part of a woman's life and that should not be the case! It's time to get rid of the guilt and shame.
On this episode Dr. Kaylee, Dr. Madalyn, and Nicole discuss ALL things period:
-How her personal period experiences and hormonal journey has lead her to be known as The Period Girl? 
-The importance of sex education and eliminating shame and guilt
-Birth control and fertility
-What is hormonal birth control doing to our body and how is it influencing our internal system?
And so much more!
Give yourself grace to continue to learn more about your body. Know that YOU are in control of your own body.



Episode 10: Feminine Flow - Embracing Your Body & Femininity 

Another new week, another new episode of Feminine Flow!

On this episode Dr. Madalyn  talks about how we can shift the way we, as women, think about our own body and femininity through education, self-love, and self-acceptance. She shares her experiences as a young cross country athlete and the limited information she received as a young girl on women's body education. And how important it is to start helping out other women teach young girls how to become aware, understand, and connect to their own body.

Let's start by opening these conversations up to other young girls. 

So that we can all become empowered of our own body!


Episode 10: Coffee & Vulvas - Pap Smears and Pelvic Pain

Here's another new monthly mini series for Coffee and Vulvas!

On this episode, Dr. Kaylee talks about her personal trauma experiences, pelvic pain, and her fear of pap smears. She also, gives some tips to consider for your next pap smear visit, how to relax and connect with your pelvic floor, the importance of having  annual pap smears, and much more.

You are in control of your body.


Episode 9: Diastasis Recti and Pregnancy

What is diastasis recti?
There is this negative connotation associated with that word. And some women have never heard about it before. It's time to open up this conversation & break down those misconceptions!
No need to Google it because...
On this week's episode of Vaginas and Vertebrae, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee discuss and clarify what diastasis recti is, recognize that it is expected to happen during your third trimester of pregnancy, how important it is to get a proper assessment by a specialist--such as a pelvic PT or a fitness professional, and much more!
Recognize that it does not mean you are broken, because you're not! There's nothing wrong with your body. You are freaking POWERFUL!
You are NOT diastasis recti!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn. Know that both of them are here for you!

Episode 8: Your Birth Guidelines with Dr. Paige

We are really excited to have you guys tune in and listen to another episode with our amazing guest, Dr. Paige!

Dr. Paige Hubert is a Physical Therapist in women's health. She is passionate about helping moms and soon to be expecting moms navigate through their birth journey. She is the owner of Recharged Performance Therapy in Florida-- where she provides in-home and virtual care to all women.

On this episode Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Paige discuss:

  • How her passion to help moms transitioned into a business that allowed her to connect with them virtually or at home?
  • Why she choose to specifically work with mothers?
  • What women deserve more of during preparation for birth?

advice & all things birth guide related!


Episode 7: Feminine Flow - Get to Know the 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

 Check it out, we got a new episode of Feminine Flow with Dr. Madalyn!

Being a woman can be exhausting especially when you have your period. Yeah…PERIOD.

Periods are also known as the Menstrual Cycle. It is a natural and vital part of any woman’s life.That’s why it is important to know what is exactly happening to our body.

On this episode, Dr. Madalyn breaks down the 4 phases of the Menstrual Cycle. She shares a little bit of her story about feeling disconnected to her body, how important it is to understand the changes that are occurring in our bodies, and why it is important for us to start keeping track of our cycles.


Episode 6:

Dang, this episode was not comfortable.  

But I've learned in my life that being a leader shouldn't be comfortable. We should strive to better ourselves, learn the things we do not know, so we can be and do better. I will be the first to admit that I was blind to the issues of racism in our country. I will also admit, initially, I was unsure how to handle the situaiton.

However, I did recognize my own privelage, the systemic racism, and the things I was blatantly not processing. I recognized the deep need to the inner work, the history educaiton, and seeking out how to do better.

That is why I decided to create this episode. It is the details of my thoughts, my open apology, and a perspective that hopefully will continue to help me become part of the solution, not the problem.


Episode 5: The Birth Course You've Always Dreamed Of

Ladies...if you are preparing for birth or pregnancy, you don't want to miss out on this week's episode!!

Birth is a transformative experience! And it is important to discuss the options you have when it comes to your birth preparation. Preparation for birth and pregnancy can feel empowering. There are countless things that you can do to create your envisioned birth process, however...there is a huge gap in childbirth education.

On this episode, Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Kaylee discuss: questions that are not asked often enough when things don't go as expected, how important it is to have health care providers in your corner who actually want to educate, care, and allow you to understand the choices you have,  and know that you have the opportunity to seek help from health care providers and where to find those resources.

Look no further, we got exciting news to share! Dr. Kaylee & Dr. Andrea from Down There Doc's have a NEW birth course: FEMMEmpowered Birth! Their course has it all!  From learning about your pelvic floor, considerations with exercise during pregnancy, breath mechanics, pushing techniques, to pelvic floor dysfunction education and postpartum recovery. Everything is tailored for all you expecting mamas! So tune in!


Episode 4: Birth & Your Placenta with Midwife Zul

Zul is a Midwife at UMA Midwifery serving families in St.Petersburg, Clearwater and the greater Tampa Bay area-- where she offers prenatal care, home birth, postpartum, doula services and placenta encapsulation. Zul's mission is to help families and expecting mamas create and support their birth experience that they desire.

On today’s episode Dr. Madalyn, Dr. Kaylee, and Zul discuss and answer questions including:

  • How her personal birth story drew her into this career path as a home birth midwife
  • How important it is to know the accessibility and collaboration of specialized health care providers that you can have on your birth team
  • Her opinion on home birth and what factors and reasons to consider during COVID-19
  • What placenta encapsulation is and what are the benefits

Episode 3: Feminine Flow - Welcome to Your Feminine Flow

We are coming in with another brand new monthly series of Feminine Flow with Dr. Madalyn.

On Feminine Flow, Dr. Madalyn discusses an overview of what to expect on her mini series, her mission, goal, and why it is important to her, she describes infradian rhythm and how it relates and influences the the female biochemistry, and much more. She is here to educate, support, and empower women on their journey. 

Thank you for tuning in!


Episode 2: Coffee & Vulvas - My Vagina Story

Welcome to our new monthly series! OH YES, get excited and grab your cup of coffee...

Tune into the first episode of our monthly series of
Coffee & Vulvas with Dr. Kaylee.

Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee will talk about EVERYTHING from: vagina, pelvic floor, to uncomfortable topics that many women are experiencing, and so much more! On this episode join Dr. Kaylee as she talks about her vagina story, why she became a Pelvic Floor PT, as well as what to expect in the upcoming series, and her vision of empowering women around the world.

Episode 1: Guess Who's Back?! Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae

WE ARE BACK!! Stronger than ever!

Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae...woot!

Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn are SUPER excited to be back. They have a ton of new content coming your way this new season. With more stories from their personal experiences and journeys, sharing their expertise and knowledge in their practices, bringing in more guest experts, empowering womanhood through all transitions of life, breaking down stigmas, and so much more!


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