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We are experts and will be discussing all things about being a woman, with monthly thoughts through a pelvic PT perspcecitve AND a chiropractor. Each month we will have one guest on for an interview!

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Season 2

Episode 2: Coffee & Vulvas - My Vagina Story

Welcome to our new monthly series! OH YES, get excited and grab your cup of coffee...

Tune into the first episode of our monthly series of
Coffee & Vulvas with Dr. Kaylee.

Coffee & Vulvas, Dr. Kaylee will talk about EVERYTHING from: vagina, pelvic floor, to uncomfortable topics that many women are experiencing, and so much more! On this episode join Dr. Kaylee as she talks about her vagina story, why she became a Pelvic Floor PT, as well as what to expect in the upcoming series, and her vision of empowering women around the world.

Episode 1: Guess Who's Back?! Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae

WE ARE BACK!! Stronger than ever!

Season 2 of Vaginas and Vertebrae...woot!

Dr. Kaylee and Dr. Madalyn are SUPER excited to be back. They have a ton of new content coming your way this new season. With more stories from their personal experiences and journeys, sharing their expertise and knowledge in their practices, bringing in more guest experts, empowering womanhood through all transitions of life, breaking down stigmas, and so much more!


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