Hosted by Buffy Stinchfield, PT and Dr. Kaylee Garrett Simmerman, PT, DPT
Where we talk about ALL the things not being talked about…


Episode 015: 10 Steps to Manage Your Time
With Dr. Kaylee Garrett Simmerman, PT, DPT

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee shares her 10 steps to having better time management. Have you ever felt like time was getting away from you? Or that you were not accomplishing anything? Then this episode is for you!


Episode 014: Should You Hire A Doula?
With Jessica Olarte-Thompson

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee speaks with Jessica Olarte-Thompson about some questions her patients ask about Doula's and what their work is like. Have you considered your birth team? Are you curious about what a Doula does? Jessica shares some inspiring information in this one that you do not want to miss!


Episode 013: The Self Care Series Kickoff

In this episode, Buffy and Kaylee kick off the series of self care to help you gain at least one thing you can add in to your normal, crazy busy schedule to remind yourself to take care of YOU!

Episode 012: To Kegel or Not To Kegel
With Buffy Stinchfield, PT and Dr. Kaylee, PT, DPT

In this episode, Buffy and Kaylee go over some MUST KNOW facts about kegels. Main point: it is NOT the end all be all!! Listen in as we discuss the reasons to perform them and even more reasons not to!


Episode 011: The 2018 Podcast Episode Year-End Review


Buffy and Kaylee chat about the first 10 episodes of this podcast right up through the end of the year. We share our favorite takeaways in what is a fabulous way to catch up on missed episodes and hear only the BEST and most powerful tips and truth bombs.

We also talk about our feelings around making this podcast, some behind the scenes revelations and our thoughts on moving forward into 2019 and what to expect from us!

Episode 010: Nutrition For Athletes
With Dr. Brianne Showman Brown, PT, DPT


In episode 10, I have the pleasure of talking with Brianne Showman Brown. She is a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about helping her patients and community feel better, train better and crush their goals.

We talked about:

  • nutrition for athletes

  • thoughts on different popular diets

  • how nutrition can really help you get your performance to the next level… and it’s not super complicated!

Episode 009: What Does a Chiropractor and a Pelvic PT Have In Common?
With Dr. Madalyn Turner, DC


In this episode, Dr. Kaylee gets to speak with Dr. Madalyn Turner and discuss the benefits a chiropractor can offer during pregnancy or postpartum, how to find an appropriate chiropractor to meet your needs, and when she recommends you to see one. You will also get a taste of the similar goals chiropractors and pelvic PT's have for you!

Episode 008: How to Use Nutrition To Improve Hormone Balance and Gut Health
With Dr. Jessica Drummond DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC

Boy was I excited to interview this amazing woman!  Jessica Drummond has been on a journey that led her to become an expert in the fields of orthopedic physical therapy, women’s and pelvic health physical therapy, and functional nutrition.  In this interview she breaks down what hormones actually are and how what we eat can make a HUGE difference in our hormone balance, gut microbiome and overall health. If you would like to know a little bit more about how to eat to feel great (and we are NOT talking about fad diets), listen up.  

She does a great job of simplifying complex concepts and give simple strategies that won’t overwhelm us busy gals.

Episode 007: Why I Went To A Pelvic PT Postpartum and What Was It Like?
With Kathryn Swanson

In this episode, Dr. Kaylee, chats with patient Kathryn Swanson about what it is like to go through pelvic PT. They also discuss important keys to being a woman and being a mom. Listen in to discover whether your vagina needs a check up!

Episode 006: Your Girlfriends Are Crucial To Your Health!
With Arianna Rees


Listen up girls!  You are going to want to schedule your next girl’s outing ASAP after listening to this podcast episode!  We get to talk all about the mental and physical health benefits of maintaining and nurturing our friendships.  Arianna gets super scientific about just WHY we need to keep time with friends such a priority in an already busy life.

Plus we will talk about ways to make the time for FACE TO FACE time within our busy lives.  Social Media DOES. NOT. COUNT!

And now you have something to tell your partner when they complain about you ditching THEM for your girls! ;)

Episode 005: Preparing for Menopause in Your 20’s and BEFORE?!
With Dr. Karen Snowden, PT, DPT, WCS


What is this thing called menopause?  What should we know about it? Can we make a difference in how we experience it in the future?  The answer is YES!

Find out the details on this life change that ALL of us girls will eventually experience as I interview Karen Snowden, a physical therapist and course creator of Menopause Matters for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Would you like to rock this phase of life and THRIVE?  Then you should DEFINITELY listen to this one!

Episode 004: All About Pregnancy!
With Dr. Karen Litos, PT, DPT, WCS


In this episode, Kaylee gets to interview Karen Litos and get a TON of questions about pregnancy answered for herself and for YOU!  Watch out, Kaylee is NOT holding back here!

Are you pregnant or plan to be? You NEED to listen to this one!!

Episode 003: The Pelvic Pain Episode
With Buffy Stinchfield, PT and Dr. Kaylee Garrett Simmerman, PT, DPT


Ok girls.  THIS episode is a doozy!  Both Kaylee and I get REAL personal in this episode as we discuss OUR firsthand experiences with pelvic pain and also share what we know about this issue as clinicians.

We discuss causes, treatment options and much more.

We want you know that NO ONE needs to feel ALONE or SHAME in this issue.  You are NOT ALONE and there IS HELP. This issue is close to our hearts and our experiences have impacted our lives both personally and professionally.

Episode 002: Postpartum Fitness
With Dr. Juan Martin, PT, DPT


In this episode, we talk ALL about getting back to fitness and exercise after having a baby.  We discuss what is realistic and what is not as two women who have had 5 pregnancies between us.

We will touch a little bit about how pelvic physical therapists help women in this journey and why that 6 week postpartum checkup may be SERIOUSLY lacking in the back-to-fitness and life guidance department!

Episode 001: Let’s Have A Podcast!
With Buffy Stinchfield, PT and Dr. Kaylee Garrett Simmerman, PT, DPT


Here, Kaylee and I discuss our goals for this podcast, WHO we hope to be speaking to, and WHY we are doing this in the first place.

We chat a little about ourselves and our backgrounds to help explain how we have both arrived to this point.

Would you like to learn and be inspired about living your most healthy and happy life?

Are you ready to hear some good girl talk and get answers to some things that you have wondered about for too long as well as learn about things you didn’t even know about??

AWESOME!  We promise to be REAL and HONEST here and hopefully help you and our fellow girlfriends on this amazing female journey!