Identify your inner powerhouse.

As a FEMMEFit Certified Personal Trainer, I am able to help you reach your fitness goals, body image goals, nutrition goals and much more! EVEN if you have prolapse, diastasis recti, urinary incontinence.... and yes... even if you're pregnant!


Mama... your motherhood journey deserves to feel EMPOWERING.

You are a boss. You are a badass. You are incredible.

But we know that sometimes it is really hard to get in for a Pelvic PT treatment frequently... 

We also know that sometimes you need more accountability during the week than just seeing your PT a few times.

SO, we are incredibly excited to offer our FEMMEFit Personal Training option.

You can choose to have: in person personal training, virtual personal training, and add nutrition if you choose to!

So, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, prepare for your next CrossFit competition..we promise you that Kiley is ready for you.


I am a mother of 2, and a former D1 Soccer player. I am a certified personal trainer, a certified health coach, a BirthFit coach, and a FEMMEFit certified personal trainer. I have been training for 3 years. After working with Dr. Kaylee myself I decided I truly wanted to work with women who were going through the pregnancy and postpartum transition, because we have so much power within ourselves. We deserve to FEEL and SEE what we can do. I can't wait to meet you.

We design functional fitness programs that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment. Get your workout in on the go!
Your dream body is like your dream car. Give it the fuel it needs to perform its best. We'll take out the guesswork with custom meal plans and grocery lists. 
As you advance through your program, we'll make sure you have access all of the equipment you need to push past plateaus and become your strongest self.