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What Will Leak No More With Double Unders Mean For You?


From a young age, I've spent many performances, shows, workouts drenched in the embarrassing stinch of urine. I will never forget the day I stopped adding any jumping into my workouts because I could not stop peeing myself.

Because of this, I've spent countless amounts of hours on perfecting my formula to preventing leaking with exercise, which includes Leak No More With Double Unders.

After Module 1 you will be well versed in understanding the whole point in WHY we should be taking care of this and not just ignoring it.

After Module 2 you will know everything you should know about your pelvic floor anatomy and how things function and work, including your bladder. You will also understand WHY you are leaking.

After Module 3 you will know exactly what you need to do in order to eliminate leakage with double unders.

After the BONUS module You will have all the tools, movements, and exercises you need in order to jump without leaking.

These are all the things that traditional healthcare left out of your treatments but makes all the difference in reaching your goals in the gym.

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You know, I never considered leaking with double unders as being a "bad" thing. I had no idea that not taking care of it would only let it get worse. I took Leak No More With Double Unders because I'm just sick of having to wear black leggings. I want to wear the cute ones!!!

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I took this course because I really wanted to be able to jump without peeing myself. It is always so frustrating to have to limit or stop because of peeing on myself. I felt... gross. After completing the program, I am now able to do 50 double unders without peeing! How cool is that?!

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