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I see you...

Frustrated for having to modify your box jumps because you leaked again.... 

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What Will Leak No More With Box Jumps Be Like For You?

Oh no... box jumps in the workout again... might as well just modify by stepping down because you always feel like you have to pee with rebounding box jumps..

Better make sure you have those black leggings on... and an extra pair of clothes or a shower near by...

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way when I see box jumps as part of the workout..

That's why I've created this program.

In this program:

After Module 1 You get it. You will have a firm understanding on WHY it is important to address now. What it is why it is happening.

After Module 2 you will know everything you should know about your pelvic floor anatomy and how things function and work, including your bladder. You will also understand WHY you are leaking.

After Module 3 you will know exactly what you need to do in order to eliminate leakage with box jumps.

BONUS After the Bonus Module you will give have insights into training principles you should consider and exercises to add into your program.

These are all the things that traditional physical therapists left out of your treatments but makes all the difference in reaching your goals in the gym.

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Don't Just Listen To Me.... Here's What My Students Are Saying:

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I really only even limit myself with things like jumping jacks because I pee with them. I asked Dr. Kaylee if she had a program for that and she sent me here. I 100% would recommend this program for ANY leakage with jumping because we NEED to know why it's happening and how to stop. Now I'm able to teach other women how to scale better in the gym!

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I actually bought this course because I just wanted to learn a little bit. I do leak with box jumps, only with the rebound, but honestly did not think it was that big of a deal or that an online course would help. After implementing the recommendations from the course, I have not leaked AT ALL. Guys, I'm wearing light colored leggings!! It's amazing and has given me so much freedom. TAKE THIS COURSE!

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