The Vagina Diaries

My Vagina Is Magical

Feb 23, 2020

This shirt actually holds a very powerful story for me. 

If you would have told me in February of 2018 that I would be posting a picture of myself wearing a shirt saying “My Vagina Is Magical” I would have laughed in your face. 

I would have thought you...

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My Vagina Is Broken

Oct 06, 2019

I’ve shared with you about my sexual assault. How I felt emotionally, what it did to me mentally....but I’ve never shared with you what actually, truly happened with my vagina. 

You see, my sexual assault took so much from me. Notice I claim’s...

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Jun 08, 2019

I’m sure you are reading that title and thinking I’ve gone too far. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.. 

But I want to be real with you. This is actually how I felt for many years. I literally felt like being me was the worst thing...

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