Why Don't I Have a Flat Stomach?

Mar 01, 2020

We get asked this question ALL THE TIME. 

Clients come in who have never had children but feel like they should be able to have a flat stomach or a 6 pack...

Or they have had children and feel like they still look pregnant.

Or they've been given a diagnosis of Diastasis recti and they were told not to do any core exercise.

If you did not check out the latest podcast episode, please be sure to do so. On this "Myth Busters" podcast, Dr. Kaylee speaks a lot about how having a diagnosis of diastasis recti is not the end of the world and how often times it is literally just mis-understood.

The whole point of this blog is to speak about the question that is the title.

Why? Why don't we have a flat stomach? Why can't we lose the weight immediately postpartum?

Why does my diastasis recti make me look pregnant?

Well. These are all LOADED questions and they truly depend. 

Every client is treated as an individual and each of you deserves a different approach because your body is different.

if you've never had children before... what are some things we need to do to boost your metabolism? How can we improve your fat burn? Do you have enough strength training in your programs? Are you performing strength training? Are you lifting heavy enough to actually burn fat? What are some of the things you're doing in a day that are limiting you from being able to lose the fat around your tummy?

If you've had a baby.... what is your nutrition like? How much water are you drinking? Are you breastfeeding? What types of exercises are you performing? How much sleep are you getting? 

These questions need to be answered before we can accurately determine WHY you are not losing weight.

BUT... we have some news...

We're also creating a very specific core rehab program. This program is specific to all of the muscles that your core needs to utilize properly in order to have a "flat stomach." 

We're creating this program to make sure you have an option for the "weakness" factor that many of us do have when it comes to our core. Regardless of what transition you are in, no kids, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or postpartum, we could all benefit from a stronger core.

So. We are opening this up to 10 women who want:

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A's
  • Voxer Support from the creators
  • Videos With modifications for each workout and each movement.
  • Access to an APP for the workout
  • A printable calendar
  • A community to help keep you accountable.

We are only taking the 10 applicants with the most desire to truly change their life and fully love the way they look and feel.

If that is you, please APPLY HERE!

Applications will be gone through at the end of February with our chosen 10 by March 21st. Start date is March 22nd!

We look forward to chatting with you! 

Dr. Kaylee & Dr. Andrea


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