What Exercises Are BAD?

Mar 22, 2020

Okay. Let's air this shit out. 

It is SO hard to know what is okay and what is not okay.... we see so many things online (ESPECIALLY women) about:

How to get 6 pack abs!

How to not look pregnant anymore!

How to lose weight!

How to look good naked!

.... okay... we all want that but HOW?! How do I know it's good?

Because then on social media you see things like...

"If you have diastasis recti DON"T DO THIS"


"If you've ever had babies, DON"T DO THIS!"

I mean... WTF! 

Is that not contradicting that I can have a flat stomach and look good naked, but I cannot do core exercise? What the hell do I do then...

Well, I'm here to save the day.

Because the truth is.... most people don't know.

But I know. Because I've spent 6+ figures to know.

I've spent OVER 12 years of education on this specifically, now with a specialty for pelvic health.

The answer to "what exercises are bad" is....


I know, I'm blowing your mind. You literally just spit some shit out.

But hear me out.

If exercises were "bad" then why are they okay to do sometimes but not others?

For example. If a sit up is "bad" why is it part of the fitness tests in school?

Why is it all of a sudden bad after having a baby?

I'm not a believer that women are fragile.

Women are fucking resilient. 

We bleed. We get pregnant. We birth. We have more intuition. We have more emotional connection.

Fragile?! GTFOOH.

**I use strong language when I have a strong opinion!!!**

So... just because a woman has had a baby does not give anyone a right to make her fearful of doing a certain exercise.

If my client comes to me and is 5 weeks postpartum and wants to go back to doing sit ups, I cannot say " no that's a bad idea."

But I can make recommendations on the safest way to go back and still get her workout.

I want my clients to prevent disease and stay healthy for longer... it is not worth it to ONLY focus on our vulva and our pelvic health.

We NEED to focus on a full body rehabilitation plan. 

So, there are not bad exercises.

The type of exercise honestly doesn't even matter.

What matters is HOW YOU DO THEM.

I will 100% revoke your poor form that "could" add too much pressure somewhere by modifying and giving you a different way to do them.

That's my damn job as a physical therapist!

It is not my job to tell you you cannot do something. It is my job to help you do it without causing harm.

This DOES NOT mean that I want you to just jump into an exercise program and do whatever you want.

It does mean that you should not be afraid to try new things... you should not ever be made to feel like you cannot do something.

I recommend making sure that you are being seen by a pelvic floor physical therapist because we are a pysical therapist first... but we have that extra knowledge to optimize your exercise programming without causing harm!!!

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