What is 'Telehealth'?

Aug 02, 2020

You hear and see the term everywhere...

Telehealth.... telerehab... depending on who you speak to, the name might be different.

Which is exactly what happens with me! My "telehealth" is actually called a "Virtual Session" or a "Movement Assessment & Analysis."

Why do I have a different name for my sessions??

Honestly, it's because I do things differently. I've found that people who are searching for Telehealth/Telerehab actually need simply education and information on what may be going on. So I've widened my scope and it is almost like a coaching session, not just physical therapy.

So, what can one expect with a Virtual Session with us? The following:

  • Intake paperwork asking about your medical history and current symptoms.
  • A link to our video platform.
  • Once you log on to the platform, we will start by asking questions about what's going on and how they began, etc.
  • We will ask you to do different movements/tests to see where you may be struggling. This may include: squatting, sitting posture, single leg posture, a move you do in your workouts, plank, etc.
  • We may ask to see your stomach during the assessment if we are checking for diastasis recti.
  • We will then follow up with our thoughts and what may be the cause of your symptoms. From there we go into recommendations (general) on how you may benefit.
  • We schedule another visit!

It's super simple and a great process for those of you not comfortable leaving the house, or have too many kids to get into the car!! Our clients LOVE our virtual sessions. 

All you need is a computer, phone, or tablet and a space that you can show us what we need to see. We DO NOT need to see your genitals during this assessment.

We MAY show you a pelvis with pelvic floor muscles and also pictures to assist you and teach you how to do self exams, palpation, etc if necessary.

So, your next question may be, "Who is this good for?"

The simple answer is, "Anyone can benefit from a virtual session."

BUT, if you want my solid advice on deciding between IN PERSON and VIRTUAL, here is what I've got:

If you have any of the following situations, virtual sessions would be best for you:

  • Incredibly busy schedule.
  • A new baby at home.
  • More than one kid at home, with you staying home.
  • A busy day at work with no time to stop in for an appointment, let alone eat.
  • Frustration with traffic in your town/city when trying to get someone.
  • Immunosuppressed, COVID + history/current, or discomfort and unease about going out and about currently.
  • Leakage of urine.
  • Diastasis recti.
  • Preparing for labor and delivery.
  • constipation.
  • Prolapse. 
  • Much more... simply ask!

As you can tell, it can be quite beneficial. We truly love serving our community and hope to see you on our schedule soon!

IF you are interested in scheduling a virtual session with one of our doctors, please do so at the link below!


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