Jun 05, 2018

Reading that title made you cringe didn’t it? I mean, who in their right mind would say VAGINA out in the open? Well, I would. I just did. Oops? Why not?! We say back, neck, knee, foot, mouth….why not vagina? It’s a part of the human anatomy. The word itself has gotten a bad reputation and I believe that is something that needs to change! Let me first be honest: I HATED the word at first, never looked at it, and had a really hard time understanding how people can openly talk about sex. I was a ballet dancer, so the human anatomy never bothered me, but the discussions made me uncomfortable. Why? I’m not sure.
I am SO excited to report my change in direction here. By no means am I discounting anything I’ve blogged about before, I will continue to add in my expertise about mind,body, and spirit as well as recipes/exercise but I’m adding a direction change. I have a certain population I’ve become extremely good at connecting with and treating in my profession. That is Pelvic Health.
I’m going to start discussing my journey with pelvic health, what it is, different conditions, what I experienced, and how I got into treating it, etc. to improve public awareness. This will include: anatomy, physiology, products I recommend, different recommendations, nutrition, etc. There is a lack of knowledge and fear of “exposing” these impairments that needs to be addressed! I want this to be a place where you can reach out to me via e-mail or my contact info and get your questions answered!
If you say vagina around your grandmother she most likely will tell you not to say that word. It honestly was considered a “dirty word” for the most part. In their generation, you did not speak of the vagina. You did not speak of peeing on yourself after having a baby. You did not mention that you have tissue coming to the outside of your vagina. You suffered through sex with your husband/significant other because you did not speak about having pain during sex. You did not speak of the ripping apart of your abdominal muscles. Or the deep ache you got in your pubic bone when you were trying to walk.
You didn’t look at your vagina. You didn’t talk about it. No one knew what you were going through. Even when I was dancing, it was not something we spoke about. We’d make jokes about peeing on yourself because it was “normal.” Every time we jumped/leaped/turned we’d have leakage. Everyone had it. I never knew I’d need to be treated for it or that I would one day help other women who suffered the same types of problems I had. But here I am, killin’ it.
So, again, I am extremely excited to open up my new access for women all over the world who suffer from pelvic health issues. Stay tuned for more of my stories and more information. If you or someone you know has a problem in the vagina region (pelvic region) then bring them to this site and have them follow. I will for sure be able to give some insight or direction for assistance!
See you soon!


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