KEY tips from the workshop yesterday...

If you missed out on the workshop, don’t worry! I’ve written this in order to give you some of the key tips from what we learned!

I feel like workshops are such a great way to introduce myself and get the information out there that no-one else is talking about. I’m so excited when I get an interactive group that asks questions.
Some of the questions asked:

What is another product to use other than tampons for my menstrual cycle?

We discussed menstrual cups and how to pick the proper size. Be sure you are looking at the labels and you may have to try a few different brands. Sometimes the “smallest size” is still too much. I use the smallest size of the diva cup and it took me a few tries to get it inserted properly!

What can I do to prevent having to pee before a workout, during, and leaking with double unders?

This is typically the most common question I get. How do I stop leaking with double unders? You first have to understand that your pelvic floor muscles can be either too tight or they can be too weak. If they are too tight, then you are resisting the bladder from releasing all of the urine. If they are too tight you have to down train the pelvic floor musculature.

We started by finding our diaphragm and figuring out if we were breathing correctly. To do this, you want to be in sitting or laying down. You will wrap your hands around your lower rib cage. You will take a deep breathe in. You want to feel your breathe in the front of your core (belly), sides, and also your low back. The reason for this is because your diaphragm attaches to all angles and you will want to make sure you are working all angles of it.

Then we laid with our legs up and we used a balloon for resistance. We were breathing in through our nose, feeling relaxation in our pelvic floor, and feeling our entire core breathe and then we breathe out to blow the balloon up. We then breathe in again without sucking air back in! It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Once you are feeling as if you are totally able to relax your pelvic floor muscles, you want to work on coordination and performing kegels with your breathing out. Once you breathe in and relax the pelvic floor, you then breathe out and contract your pelvic floor. This helps to build coordination and get the signaling to and from the bladder and brain back to normal!

We also discussed bladder habits. 1/2 your body weight in ounces of PURE WATER, no hovering or squatting over a toilet, get a squatty potty, and making sure you are relaxing the pelvic floor completely when urinating.

What is diastasis recti? How do I check for it? Is it bad to do kegels with a diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is when your core muscles seperate from midline of your body. This does not only occur with pregnancy. It can happen to men and even women who have not been and are not pregnant.

We learned to assess for diastasis by laying on our back with our knees bent, having our fingers follow the midline of the core, and have the person lift her head. You can perform this yourself, totally doable! You are looking for if you have doming or protrusion of things coming up from midline, you are looking for sinking into the belly further, or you are looking for the muscles on the sides to contract and squeeze your fingers as well as feeling for tissue to push you up gently.

What amazing questions! It was so valuable to hear from my audience with the things that THEY want to hear and now I want to hear from you!

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Ask Me About....

Ask Me About…

The time I was walking the “walk of shame” down a cold, dark alley.
With fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and pain.

The smells are still so intense … and sickening. The vision of the trees, the street so clear...

Falling into the street, crying. Wondering what just happened.

The time I had to gather myself and move on. Forget this happened and accept the fact that this was “my fault.”

Accept the fact that the man who raped me won. Accept the fact that I was damaged goods...forever.

The time I realized I had pelvic floor dysfunction from this. The sickening, deafening embarrassment, shame, guilt, and fear.
Constant covering up the leakage of urine or the “faking it” during sex, it was terrible, ripping pain. I thought this defined me.

The time I drowned this memory with alcohol. Experimentation. Attempts of “ending it all…”
With the small voice in my head stating, “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault.” But drowning it out again.

The realization I had when the addictive personalities hit BIG and looking in the mirror was someone I’ve never known before and did not want to know.

Now, ask me about…

The time I packed up everything, followed my dreams, moved out of state, and overcame it all.
With the glimmer of hope I could become someone….just anyone that wasn’t who I was.

Learning who I was, I’ve never done that before. My morals, my values, my capabilities.

The time I took charge of my health and became proactive in eliminating my symptoms.

Took charge of my mental well being, my emotions, and my ability to love others.
Became aware of the habits I had formulated that weren’t serving me.

The time I became obsessed with healing, empowering, and advocating for women around the world who have suffered.
Who have been silent sufferers and masked every single feeling and emotion they’ve ever had while they consistently felt it was their fault, they are undeserving, or they are not enough.

So, please.

Ask me about my vagina.