So last week I told you a little bit about my journey and life of having pelvic floor dysfunction and being disrespected in the healthcare system. I also mentioned to you about my journey to becoming a pelvic floor physical therapist myself. 

I started my first job fresh out of Doctorate of Physical Therapy school in 2016. I was excited, nervous, but I was SO READY to change the lives of so many women who were suffering silently.  

I started to treat in Orthopedics (shoulder, knee, back, hip, foot, etc.) until I was able to go to my courses that would allow me to treat pelvic floor dysfunction.  

On my first day of my first course, I was so conflicted with the fact that I had not learned about these techniques, treatments, or methods until now! I was upset that I had no knowledge of these treatments all the way through my doctoral program. 

I became OBSESSED.  

Then I realized that the healthcare model is not equipped for my dreams and ambitions. 

I got my training and was seeing 2-3 patients per hour. 

I was not getting paid much money, I paid a lot for school and could not pay for my living expenses. 

But most importantly. My patients were being IGNORED in the healthcare system. The complaint of incontinence or peeing your pants was considered NORMAL. It was considered to be something that "just happens." My patients were being told their pain and their dysfunctions were in their head and they needed to remember it was normal. 

I was disgusted. I was working SO hard to see my 20+ patients a day, to help them, to make them feel loved, listened to, cared for....that.... 

I burnt out and got very sick. I ended up getting so sick that I was in and out of the hospital due to the stress of the job for about 3 months.  

It's amazing how things can change in an instance. My husband and I thought I was looking at my last days as a physical therapist and potentially my last days living... 

Now I realized I had to make a HUGE move and I'll tell you about it in the following blog..... 

Look out for my blog next week with the subject line, "Dr. Kaylee Makes a Move."  


Dr. Kaylee 



Now, that is one strange word isn’t it?! I use this word often but it may not be something that is commonly understood.

Peezing is when you sneeze and you pee, or leak urine. The reason this happens is because of the inability to properly distribute the pressure in your deep core system when you sneeze, with impaired signaling of the muscles in the pelvic floor which releases the urine without the bladder being full. Therefore, you leak urine.

Now, this may happen sometimes, this may happen all the time. Regardless, it is NEVER NORMAL. Please understand that there is help out there. You do not have to go about your life and leak urine forever every time your sneeze. It does not matter your age, it does not matter how many children you have had, what your birth experience was…it still is not normal. It can be taken care of.

When I have a patient who comes in Peezing, we first assess the ability to breathe properly. Then we assess the core and get a good idea of how your muscles are functioning and whether you are able to use your deep core well. Then we check how your pelvic floor not only functions strength wise, but more importantly relaxation wise. I find in the majority of my patients, the relaxation portion is the harder part.

You’ve heard me say it before, that I am not the biggest fan of kegels. Yes, they have their place, but they are not the only way. I find that with my patients Peezing, they more likely have tightness throughout their pelvic floor and inability to relax.

Some things you can do now to stop the peezing:
Pelvic floor muscle contraction as soon as you feel the sneeze come on.
Drink more water.
Work on diaphragmatic breathing.
Make sure you are focusing on some flexibility, relaxation throughout the pelvic floor.

But the biggest one….see a pelvic PT!