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Meet Your Vagina Doctor Day


Thank you so much for joining my family and being a part of my blogs. I love being able to share with you all the things about my life and things I’ve gone through. 

I want to get to know you and I think it's important that you get to know me. 

When it comes to choosing your care team, I think it's extremely important to "get" the person. So I felt I needed to let you into my story and hopefully it will resonate with you. 

Feel free to reach out to me as I would love to learn more about you too. 

I read my emails and I do not bite so feel free to tell me about yourself! 

I believe the biggest thing about choosing a healthcare provider is to truly get to know them and have a relationship with them. It is something that is missed out on a lot....and something I refuse to give up. 

Without a relationship and a connection, how in the world can I expect you to trust me with your care or to guide you?  

This month, each week you are going to get a new glimpse into my story. 

Next week, you will be reading “The Beginning of the Journey!”

See you then! 

This past weekend though....

My life is full of ups and downs. It is full of adventures, some that do no end well, most that do. I always try and remember that life is a series of adventures and I cannot possibly have them all perfect like I wish I could. My main consideration recently has been to truly enjoy the journey. I will never get this chance again, I will never get to have today again. Sometimes life is hard, sometimes things don’t work out but that’s okay.

That is why I’m pushing so hard to be the best clinician I can. Because I want YOU to enjoy the journey with me. I am pushing, fighting, learning, losing all to make sure you have the best future with FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy that you can.

My mission truly is to serve women. I love it and it fills my cup until it is overflowing. I am so very excited to say that I am continuing to progress forward with this mission. I hope to reach as many women as possible. Not just in my area but also online.

I am learning to do this by being a part of a Business mastermind. I am in a group that is teaching me how to do things, how to out source, how to create, what to create, how to think BIG and server BIGGER, and how to ultimately make my dreams come true. We spent an entire weekend learning about our business, our why, how to serve, and what to do next. I cannot freaking wait. I am forever grateful for this past weekend that helped shape me and build me into a better version of myself.

Look out ladies! I am on a mission and NOTHING can stop me!

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