SEX- Did I get your attention??

What in the world would a physical therapist have to do with sex? I know the majority of us do not like to speak about sex openly. It is a …. sensitive subject.
I do. I like to talk about it because I’ve noticed the life changes it can make to have PAIN FREE sex. Or to educate patients on the reasons they may experiencing difficulty with intercourse.
Pelvic floor physical therapy is FUN!!!
Listen in!

Diaphragm Series Part 4- Exercises

Here are my favorite exercises to start your process of building strength for your diaphragm!!

Diaphragm Part 1

Welcome to a 4 part series I’m conducting on the diaphragm! I am so excited about this because I find that many people do not understand the diaphragm fully, therefore causing dysfunctions or problems with using it appropriately. You must understand a few things:

  • Your diaphragm is the largest muscle for breathing in your body. You are doing yourself a disservice by not using it.

  • You can be having pain in your back, shoulder, head, neck because your diaphragm is not functioning properly.

  • You are not getting enough oxygen in or out if you are not using your diaphragm properly.

  • Your diaphragm is part of your core, as well as abdominals, low back muscles, hips, and pelvic floor.

The anatomy is explained in this video and I’m so excited to hear your questions about it!

18th Day with Chicken!

I LOVE chicken. For some reason it is my favorite type of protein. I can eat it with anything, at any time of the day, with any type of spice on it or just plain. I’ve always enjoyed chicken. Today, I wanted baked chicken with BBQ sauce. Now, note, I make my own BBQ sauce because I’m weird like that. I ate the chicken with some steamed broccoli and I was happy as can be!! I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I did!
For the BBQ Sauce:

  • I use my NutriBullet to blend everything:

    • 1.5 cups of brown sugar (I use organic, because you know…healthy)

    • 1.5 cups of ketchup (I buy the sugar free kind…you have plenty of sugar from the sugar!)

    • 1/2 cup of red wine vinegar

    • 1/2 cup of water

    • 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

    • 2.5 tbsp ground mustard seed

    • 2 tsp paprika

    • 2 tbsp black pepper

    • 2-5 dashes of hot pepper sauce (I like spicy)

      • You can add salt if you want to, but I never need it!

For the chicken:

  • 1 lb of boneless/skinless chicken thighs

  • 2 tbsp ground onion powder

  • 2 tbsp ground garlic powder

  • 2 tbsp paprika

  • 2 tbsp ground ginger

  • 2 tbsp chili powder

  • salt

  • pepper

    • Mix the dry rub together and then marinate the chicken with the dry rub for at least an hour.

      • I marinate over night so it really soaks in.

    • Place the marinated chicken on a cooling rack which is on top of a baking sheet

    • Then you will bake for 40 minutes (turn every 10 minutes or so)

    • rub the chicken with your homemade BBQ sauce and bake 30 more minutes (turning every 10 minutes again)

    • add more sauce every time you turn the chicken

    • then broil for 2 minutes

It was crunchy…and flavorful…and so delicious!!! I steamed broccoli but it would go great with green beans, brussel sprouts, spinach! Really, anything green.
For exercise today I did a good 30 minutes of meditative yoga. I needed it. Things in life were getting busy again and I was losing focus and having a hard time with getting everything done that I needed to do.  I also came upon more decisions I had to make, so I really truly needed to do some yoga. I used the following video for my 30 minutes.

Obviously that is not me in the video, however you should go subscribe if you find her video helpful! It helped me center and find peace. I was able to write out all of my thoughts and get my decisions under more control. I LOVE yoga.
Let me know what you are doing to stay healthy and fit!

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Jamaica Mon! and… You Rock

20180422_090530 (1).jpg

So, we just got back from our honeymoon (we got married in 2017, but just now had time to go) last week in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and it was FANTASTIC! We have never experienced an all-inclusive resort like Sandals, but there we went. And boy did we enjoy ourselves. It was probably one of the best times I’ve ever had on vacation. Looking back, my now husband and I have not had a true vacation in 7 years. Everywhere we have gone has been to visit someone, for interviews, to a funeral, etc.etc. Well, until this year. Initially, I was skeptical because Sandals is not cheap. We chose Montego Bay because:
1.) No kids. We do not have kids, and quite frankly, I have the instinct of a mother and try to care for children when I’m around them. So we decided to be completely stress free, we should do a no kid zone.
2.) We’ve never been out of the country. We have our passports, and have for about a year, but never went anywhere. No time really. We figured Jamaica was a pretty populated tourist spot to keep us safe and was not terribly far away. Also, the resort itself had very low crime.
3.) Yes, we know. We live in Florida. There are beaches and it is island life. However, WE don’t get to live that life. My husband is a realtor and works everyday, never turns his phone off. I work 2 jobs and am always on the go. We never have time to enjoy the beaches here, and if we do it’s with friends or family that visit us.
So, we got the opportunity to go to the Royal Caribbean as well to visit and see what it was like. We ate at a place called the Jerk Shack and it was PHENOMENAL but the resort itself was…disappointing. We saw online that there were little bungalows you could get into that have their own private porch, tub, and you can walk into the water. However, the water was very shallow and you could not jump in from the balcony. So I did not see the point in spending double what we already paid for something we would not have been that happy with.
Along our journey, we met several sets of friends. One set was 2 best friends who take a trip together every year. They are hilarious. We spent most of our time on the resort with them, which was great because we learned alot about where they are from and what their friendship is like. Another was a pilot and his girlfriend (she works on the airline as well) and they were taking a vacation from Orlando. We met a young couple taking their first vacation since they had their baby. We met another couple who just got married from Arizona. But, the one set of people we met deserve their own paragraph.
France and Pierre. They are from Montreal, and are amazing people. Have been married for a long time. But have traveled the world. She carries a PhD and is able to work from wherever, and he does whatever he wants (based on his conversations). They have been scuba diving (how they met) all around the world and are about to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. They truly are amazing. We had lunch with them and hung out with them several times. At the resort you get to run into people often. We learned from them one important thing, ” Never take advantage of your time. ” You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Spend time with those you love.
ANYWAYS. The things I’ve gathered about Jamaica are as follows:
1.) The country is beautiful. The Caribbean is gorgeous. But, they drive on the wrong side of the road!
2.) The food is fantastic. I did not get bloated, they use coconut milk for a lot of things and also utilize a lot of good spices. I LOVE spicy and am currently looking for their hot sauce “Blaze Fiah” to utilize here!
3.) They know good coffee. Great taste, strong, but light. I LOVE my coffee too, so this was HUGE for me.
4.) They party. A LOT. I am not a partier, I enjoy a few drinks but I cannot go all out. These people throw down though, so much fun.
5.) They have their own language. I actually did not know this, which makes me feel ignorant but I suppose everyone I’ve ever met from Jamaica has spoken English and I never considered bilingual. It’s a neat language. More than just, “Yeah Mon,” and “No problem, mon.”
Overall, we rated our experience 5/5 and had the time of our lives. I would recommend Sandals Montego Bay to anyone that is interested to having a fun get away. Please ask me questions if you have them!
Next thing on my list to speak about is…..YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR. Yes, you. Staring at the computer screen trying to figure what this crazy lady is speaking of. You are a rockstar. You truly are. You have talents, you have gifts, you have things you need to let the world see. PLEASE do US a favor and let us see YOU. Who you truly are and what you have to offer. I don’t care if you feel inferior, you have it. You have what it takes. I PROMISE. You are the best you and nobody will ever match that. You can do what you do best and no one else can. You have a gift. You have a precious ability to do something that you will be hindering the world from if you do not share. Do not fail us! Stay positive. Stay upright. Keep pushing. Love everyone. Show us what you have to offer.
The below quote has been something my father always said to me growing up. I always read it, I have it postered in my house. You truly are the best you, nobody can amount to that. I promise!


Now, you know I’m all about reading. Click the link below and read this book if you are looking for something more interesting than anything! I am so excited to see what you accomplish. This book has given me the mindset that if I do not show my true gifts, the devil is winning over me. Do not let that happen. This book has also given me an idea of what a drifter vs. a non-drifter is. There are 2 people in the world and I’ve noticed myself being a mix of both. However, reading this book has changed my entire mindset about my future and has made me realize, I deserve what God has blessed me with desiring. He is so much better at making plans than I am. Don’t let the devil win over your thoughts. Don’t be a drifter.
Grab this book.. The next post I do will be about the difference between drifters and non-drifters and my outlook on it.