Diaphragm Series Part 4- Exercises

Here are my favorite exercises to start your process of building strength for your diaphragm!!

4th day for the core

Today was another tough day. I’m not sure what is going on with my mindset lately but I have been struggling! Staying positive has been work and I’m really trying to continue to take in all of my advice and use it for myself too!!! This is me being honest so you know it isn’t just you that struggles. Even those of us who help you deal with struggles still go through life.
On to why you are here!!
Today’s recipe is so simple. I had a sweet tooth. I knew I did not want to run and get ice cream or go get candy because that’s not what I’m wanting to be about. So. I did the following:
I dipped fresh blueberries in vanilla non fat Greek yogurt (the kind I had was Chobani). I then placed them on a baking sheet with wax paper. I froze them for 2 hours.
Yum! Believe it or not, they tasted so sweet to me! I was excited and cannot wait to try other fruits!! I also must be honest and say even though this is what I made as a sweet snack, I still had pizza and that was not my best decision. … but yogurt dipped blueberries for dessert…. ha!
The exercise??? I killed my own core! I did the following:
I set a timer for 10 minutes and just repeated the below:

  • Russian twists with a dumbbell x10

  • Leg lifts x10

  • V ups x10

  • Side plank hip lifts x10 each side

  • Plank for 30 seconds

I’m working on starting to video these workouts so you all can follow along! Comment or send me a message to let me know if you’d enjoy that!!!
Hope everyone is well and having a fantastic Saturday. I hope you got a lot of rest!! I worked today and plan to rest tomorrow while catching up with all things that need to be completed!


Getting Overwhelmed….

Sometimes we have so many things on our to-do list that we forget the important things. We forget to focus on the things that TRULY MATTER. I’ve become so completely overwhelmed these past few weeks with work, with keeping up with my blog, my social media accounts, I am currently trying to learn how to manage multiple social media accounts appropriately, I am reviewing a course I recently took to help improve my knowledge on business and marketing etc. But then I find myself forgetting to do things like: find an article a patient asked for, answer a question my student had asked me, spend time with my husband, cook a meal…All of these things got looked over because I allowed my mind to get “too cluttered.” Here’s the deal….. YOU choose what you spend your time on. It is nobody else’s fault. It’s your responsibility.
If we spend countless amounts of hours on things that we cannot utilize, increasing our time watching videos on things we will not use for 10 years, then we essentially are wasting time we could be using for our NOW. We should be spending our time focusing on the things and the content that will assist where we are in life right now. In other words, for me, I blog and I do Facebook Live videos often, but I do not have a product YET. So, watching videos on how to make Facebook ads for a product right now will not benefit me. It is excellent information, but it won’t help right now. I need to watch things like, how to go viral on Facebook, how to pull readers in on a blog, how to expand sales as an affiliate. Those are the things I need.
With that being said, I’ve recently finished a book. The One Thing was all about what I was just speaking of. It gives us a good idea of the evidence behind why we cannot multitask, why we cannot have too much content at once. It was SUCH A GOOD READ and a great eye opener. (Click the link below to get yours).
Here is why I love it: it speaks about finding your One Thing. I never knew how to focus on one thing, I never had one thing. I still struggle with getting my focus around one thing actually. I have a really hard time saying I have ONE THING to work towards. However, I’ve started utilizing some of the tools. One of which is time blocking….I block 2 hours per day (I work 10 hour days, so 4 is a bit too much) and that is MY TIME to focus on the things that will progress me towards my goals. My goals being: business owner, online business owner, pay off student loans, have a family, be an awesome wife, etc. But the book really got me thinking. What is my ONE THING? Ultimately, my one thing is to do the work the Lord has asked me to do here in a sense of helping people, touching their lives, or making their lives easier. I am currently working on a more specific “mantra” to keep in mind when I’m having trouble with this.
I suggest you make your own ONE THING sentence. Make a sentence, post it EVERYWHERE so you see it always. Read it over and over and over again. Make it engrained in your brain. Live for it.
Read the book. Make yourself better. Be a better you and then your life will be better.