Pelvic Floor Myth 1- Peeing Yourself is Normal

Has anyone ever said to you, “I’ve had kids. I pee when I laugh or sneeze. It’s totally normal.” Or what about, “Wait until you get older. You go all of the time and you leak often.”
Do we, as a society, truly believe this to be NORMAL?!
It isn’t! Leakage is never a normal sign or symptom. Urgency, depending on medication, can be explained in some situations. But not leakage.
Please listen in as I explain the MYTHBUSTING of leakage!

SEX- Did I get your attention??

What in the world would a physical therapist have to do with sex? I know the majority of us do not like to speak about sex openly. It is a …. sensitive subject.
I do. I like to talk about it because I’ve noticed the life changes it can make to have PAIN FREE sex. Or to educate patients on the reasons they may experiencing difficulty with intercourse.
Pelvic floor physical therapy is FUN!!!
Listen in!