Feb 23, 2019

I know, am I really going there?? Yes, I am. I want to break through any of the boundaries we have about our bodies and any false belief we have about “down there.”

Did you know there are many health benefits to sleeping naked? Now, for me this used to be something that would make me so nervous. What if I had discharge? What if I had leakage? What if something happened that my partner would think was gross??

But then I started to try it. I got over my fears and started to strip down each night. I started to wake up feeling much more rested, more in tune with my body, and I felt like I had a healthier vagina. So, I started to dig into why I might be feeling like that or why I’m feeling better. Here is what I found.

When you sleep naked, your natural thermostat in your body is not affected by clothing. Your skin and your body are actually at the temperature it is meant to be. When we wear underwear or clothes to bed, we are restricting this natural thermostat and causing a more enclosed, heated temperature. Especially near the vagina.

When you do not wear underwear to bed, you allow the vagina to “air out.” This just means there are no trapped bacteria or harmful chemicals that cannot be released during sleep. This can help to decrease vaginal infections!!!

You can actually wake up with more confidence. This is mostly due to getting a better nights rest from not having the normal restrictions you have from clothing, but who doesn’t want to wake up more confident??? Sleeping naked can also increased intimacy with your partner. I often tell my patients who feel as if their relationships are lacking intimacy or sex, to try sleeping naked. Almost always wakes them up with a surprise!!!

For me, the fact that I wake up more rested, I have more intimacy with my partner, and I feel as if I truly am sleeping enough is plenty of reason for me!

Give it a shot! Try taking it off and sleeping!!!!!


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