Apr 08, 2018

So, recently I have been doing a whole lot of “trying to find time” to get in all the things I need to do. After the 21 Day Fix, I felt SO good that I NEED to keep it up. So, I am involved in this pretty cool community with a whole lot of freaking geniuses and leaders. They are creating some fantastic stuff. One of which is Rehab2RX.
What is it? Well I’m glad you asked. It is an online platform that will take you from a baseline test all the way to your goals. If your goals are to get back into lifting, training for a marathon, get your body back after formal physical therapy, lose weight, feel good after your baby….then this is for you. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.
The baseline test is harder than it looks. It makes you open your eyes to the limitations you have. You must then go through whichever phase is best for you, which you can speak with Sara (she will be in the facebook group) or I (your coach) to help determine which phase suits you. I am just now starting phase II but am going to wait on YOU to join me.
What happens is this:

  1. You click on my affiliate link below.

  2. You get the product.

  3. You message me that you got it.

  4. We send you an invite to the facebook page.

  5. On April 16th we begin prep week.

  6. On April 23rd the challenge begins.

Here is why you have NO reason not to do this:

  1. You want to get your beach body.

  2. You want to lose weight.

  3. You want to feel better.

  4. You want to be part of a community of people to inspire you.

  5. The workouts are less than 20 minutes mostly, so you have time for it.

  6. You have motivational videos, pictures, and plenty of people to talk to along the way.

  7. The online platform gives you a calender already. Come on, no excuses.

I promise you can do this. You will be able to reach out to me at any time. You can ask any questions to anyone in the group, and we will all be there for you.
So, do yourself a favor.
Invest in your health so you don’t pay for it later.
Can’t wait to get the message you took this step to a better you!!!


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