Prenatal Massage for Decreasing Pain

Oct 18, 2020

I am so excited to offer this guest blog for you about Prenatal massage! There are so many incredible benefits of massage during pregnancy and Belinda is someone I trust deeply with my clients!!!



 Pregnancy is a badge of honor for many of us. With it brings all the aches and pains we feel as our body changes to accommodate our new, precious gift. Women do not have to carry the burden of pain for nine months, as we have been taught to believe through our mothers before us.

  There is relief available, and the possibility of getting through your pregnancy virtually pain free. Alternative therapies such as prenatal massage, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and acupuncture are great ways to alleviate pain as your body expands. From the moment you see a positive pregnancy test, let your practitioner know. It is safe to receive massage therapy throughout your pregnancy; however in the first trimester there will be a few things to be cautious about, such as turning off the heat on the table and using a lighter pressure in the shoulders and lower back. There are acupressure points to avoid, and a certified prenatal massage therapist will be able to keep any uneasy thoughts at bay.  

After your first trimester, you will be cushioned in a side lying position. This has been proven to be the safest, most effective positioning for the comfort of you and baby.   As a prenatal massage therapist, I can help with anything from sciatic pain and round ligament pains, to acupressure points helping induce labor after your due date.

 Women who received massage therapy during pregnancy had lower levels of cortisol, which helps lower the risk of premature birth. Their labors also lasted an average of three hours shorter! (Research from The Touch Institute) Massage therapy helps with relaxation, reducing muscle tension, and feeling great. It helps lower depression and baby blues, making it easier to navigate the waters of motherhood.

 I work closely with women during their postnatal phase as well. Mother warming is a massage you will experience after giving birth. I’ve seen mothers as soon as three days after delivery. You will be anointed with essential oils on the belly and I will use a long wrap to bind the belly. This will help your organs go back to their natural state, the abdominal muscles coming back together, and help the uterus shrink back down. As you are wrapped, we will do shoulder and leg massage, as well as acupressure points for the uterus. After the bind is removed, you will receive work on your back.


 Mother warming is an ancient tradition in many countries, and I want to revitalize that and bring it to mothers here. I am a mobile massage therapist, bringing comfort directly to women in the St. Petersburg and surrounding communities. I also have select hours at Thank You Mama in the downtown St. Pete area. Massage therapy is not known just as a spa day anymore— there is real research to back up how much it helps mind and body. We as mothers are able to feel supported, strong, and nourished. We must fill our cups so we have overflow to give our new family.



Belinda Wager is a mobile massage therapist in St. Petersburg, FL. She has been practicing since 2014, with training in fertility, prenatal, and postnatal massage. For more information or to book an appointment, please email [email protected] or send a text request to 727.709.2224

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