Jun 11, 2018

First and foremost, raise your hand if no one has ever taught you or spoken to you about proper hygiene of your body? How much soap to use, where not to use soap, what to scrub, what to be careful with? Be honest. Honestly think about it. I remember just watching and learning from my siblings and my mom and when I would take my shower by myself, I’d lather up EVERYWHERE and use nearly an entire bottle for the one shower. I thought that meant clean. I thought that was what I was supposed to do.
Here’s the myth: Your vagina requires soap to be clean.
That’s a myth?! YES! Your vagina has “self cleaning” powers and does not require you to use a whole lot of smelly good soaps. There is a certain type of bacteria that is inside your vagina which helps to keep bad stuff out and helps eliminate odors. So, please do yourself a favor and do not put soap inside your vagina in attempts to clean it.
Your vulva does not need to be scrubbed. You will cause irritation if you scrub and increase sensitivity (which you will feel as pain) so don’t scrub it! Compare it to your eyes. You don’t scrub those do you?! So, why would you scrub something with similar sensitivity?! All you need to do is lather up your body with soap and water, spread the labia (vagina lips) apart and allow the soap and water to wash down in between where your fingers are holding. That is the best way to clean your vagina!
Leggings are amazing to make your butt look good and to make you feel like you are working out, even if you are just sitting on the couch. BUT they are so bad for your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe, and if you consistently wear tight clothing (this includes pads, panty liners, underwear, conforming clothes) then you are not allowing it the breath of fresh air it desires. The same goes for tight fitting undergarments, thongs, or other restrictive clothing. We take our bras off when we walk in the door, let’s start taking our undies off too! I do recommend my patients put on loose fitting shorts or a nightgown once home and don’t put the restrictive underwear on.
Are you cringing? Or are you freaking out? Well, that’s good. Sometimes we have to do things that are uncomfortable to make a positive change. Consider the above and come with any questions!!!
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