May 19, 2019
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I was 19.  

I had just left a man who beat me and betrayed me over and over again. 

I was looking for anything that would stop the pain.  


I was failing Chemistry.  

I reached out to a few people who mentioned I could get a tutor. 

I had to find someone, anyone. 


I was invited to your house by a mutual friend of ours, she said you may be interested in helping me with chemistry. 

At that time I thought she meant the class. 

I expected nothing, but left with everything. 

I met you for the first time and my very first thought, before even knowing your name was, “Wow, those eyes could kill.” 


You see, you’re very confident about your eyes, as you should be.  
I do not typically notice these things. 

I’m known to look right through people, but I could not see past you. 


I would look at you and my whole world had to stop. 

I did not believe in love at first sight, I did not at that time believe in true love. 

I never thought we would become a “thing.” 


The next day you sent me a message saying, “Hello, beautiful.” 

And I was stuck on this for hours. 

How could you see me as beautiful? I was damaged goods. 


I did not respond.  

4 days later it was Valentine’s Day and I was at home studying for Chemistry. 

Which, by the way, you never truly helped me with…😜


I got a knock on the door. 

In my sweatpants, t shirt, no bra, glasses, and bun on the top of my head... I answered the door. 

To see you standing in my doorway with your backwards hat, your white shirt, and the words, “Umm happy valentine’s day?” 


You had Wendy’s in your hand, a tiny teddy bear, and a box of chocolate. 

No one, except my father, had ever gone out of their way to make me feel special for Valentine’s Day.  

There were those eyes....again. 


5 Days later, I get a message from you saying, “Will you be my girlfriend?” 

We had not spent much time together, so I could not figure out why in the world you would want me. 

But you did. 


You were persistent with sweet, kind messages every single day since the first day we met. 

So, I took a leap of faith and I let myself say yes. 

Fast forward to 7 years later when I said “I do.” 


And now, 2 years after being married, saying “I will, forever.”  


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