Mar 06, 2018

Today, I had a caseload full of patients who were getting worse. If you treat patients at all, you feel my pain here. Everything is wrong, nothing I’m doing is helping, but I stay positive because I have confidence. This can take so much of yourself in order to manage. It’s tough, because it’s not only that you have to manage the patient but you also have to remember to manage yourself, which so many of us forget.

I’ve been getting a bit in over my head with adding things onto my to – do, taking things off. It’s getting a bit….crazy. I’ve come to several obstacles in my life that I am reflecting on in order to make the best decision about. Obstacles to me are challenges but are meant to make me better. They WILL make me better. I have spoken to several people who made their greatest decisions when dealing with obstacles.

First off, what is an obstacle? I always like to imagine an obstacle being something in my way, like running hurdles in track. For example, you have an end goal to own your own business but you have nothing in your savings account. Or, you plan to take a trip out of the country next year for several weeks but then you get a diagnosis that will prevent you from doing so.

An obstacle is a learning experience. It is a chance to take a minute and reflect on what you are doing or trying to do.

An obstacle is defined, “a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.” The first part implies that an obstacle is a negative thing, however I would challenge you to look at it as being positive. Hear me out. Put yourself in this scenario:

“You are young. You just got out of school. You are taking a new job at a place you absolutely love. You say you don’t care about the salary and you will take it because your love for the job is so amazing. Then. Your car breaks down. Your loans come out of the grace period. And you are left with being broke and barely any way to pay bills, debt, or for your car to get fixed.”

What do you do? You don’t have family with money. You are single. You don’t have an emergency fund. You can handle this in 2 ways.

1. Become overly stressed about your current situation. Make yourself sick, pout, whine, and complain about this obstacle in your life. Do nothing but worry about it and stay awake at night due to the stress.


2. You can reflect. You take the time to sit and budget. You sift through your money. You pick up a 2nd job to help just pay the bills until your car is fixed. You sleep at night knowing you are doing your best.

Which would you choose?

It is a choice how you handle situations.

How do you handle obstacles in your life? Do you crawl in a corner and whine about them, feel as if you cannot overcome them? Do you blame everyone else for the obstacles that have come into your path? Or do you take ownership and do something about it so the obstacle is not hindering your progress? Do you look that obstacle square in the face and say, “You aren’t stopping me from my goals.”

I want you to think about that. If things came easy to us, there would be nothing to work for or to try for. There wouldn’t be passion in my opinion. If you take the path that is easiest, you will end up unhappy and stuck. But if you take the one that is scary and makes you anxious, you most likely are doing the right thing.

I’d love to share my thoughts further on this topic with you! Reach out to me to have a conversation! Also, don’t forget to check out my products page for self development books that can help you as much as they have helped me!  I add to this website often!


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