Feb 16, 2018

I have been in the middle of nowhere for about 3 days now. My parents come and visit Florida a few times a year. This time they went to Cedar Key. I drove up Friday night and am leaving in a few hours.

Why am I writing about This? So I can give you a reminder about something. I challenged myself and turned my phone off for the entire weekend. I didn’t turn it on. I didn’t look at it. Why is this important?

Well, for me. I’m trying to build myself socially. I’m working hard on social media. I’m always and constantly responding to messages. I work all the time. But I forget to enjoy nature. I forget to enjoy family. I forget to really and truly spend time with my husband.

So we all turned our phones off. We talked about the fact that before the world went mobile we were able to enjoy the sound of birds, the whistle of the wind. I’ve been missing this. The reason I’ve been having a hard time recently is because I have not “turned off.” I noticed waking up feeling much more refreshed due to getting more sleep from not being on social media, worrying about things out of my control, honestly just thinking about the beauty God is showing me in this moment. It made me feel…worth it.

At 5 am yesterday and this morning I woke up. Made coffee. Sat outside and listened for 30 minutes. It was life changing. I am rejuvenated. I have more energy. I have positive energy. I feel beautiful. I feel strong. I feel smart and capable of being rich. I am so thankful for finding the ability to shut off and listen.

I plan to do this more often. At least once per month. I am also setting do not disturb times on my phone. If I can feel more like this everyday can you imagine the changes I’ll make?

My observations were as follows:

Shutting off allows you to have better conversations.

You get better sleep.

It allows you to dig deep within yourself to find strengths and weaknesses.

It allows you to listen to the world around you.

Your decisions can be made more efficiently in this time.

Add more meditation time into your everyday life. It will change you.

The way I meditate is not how you might think from videos and such. I did as follows:

Sat on a chair. Closed my eyes.

Focused on breathing.

Got angry because my mind wandered.

Focused on breathing.

Was ready to give up. Opened my eyes.

Focused on breathing. Closed my eyes again.

Moved around And got comfy.

Focused on breathing…

Timer went off and I felt amazing. Just turn your mind off. You don’t have to do 30 minutes, start at 5 or 10. Just do this for yourself. You are awesome. Love yourself. Do it for you.

Please reach out with any questions!


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