My Vagina Is Magical

Feb 23, 2020

This shirt actually holds a very powerful story for me. 

If you would have told me in February of 2018 that I would be posting a picture of myself wearing a shirt saying “My Vagina Is Magical” I would have laughed in your face. 

I would have thought you were insane. 

It makes sense though, right? I HATED my body. I HATED my vagina. I HATED myself. 


Until I started to show up for myself. I started to recognize my talents, my strengths, my abilities... 

You may be thinking my content is “out there,” or a “little too much.” 

Truth is? I don’t care what you think. 

My ability to go to an event, wear this shirt, speak at a conference and wear this shirt, be a vendor and wear this shirt, host a workshop in this shirt... 

Shows you the growth I’ve had. 

I’ve realized that the hurt I’ve been through.... the abuse... the sexual trauma... the self hate.... was all to get me to where I am. 

I’ve realized the power of healing and actually trying to heal. 

I see the success that has occurred because I decided to do it. 

I still get nervous to make “out there” comments, or have content that I know is seen as “too much.”  

But I really don’t care what anything thinks about that. 

What I care about are the messages I receive.  

The women who follow me, support me, and LOVE me for speaking up. 

I care about the fact that I KNOW my worth and I’m now able to help so many find their worth.  

I’ve found my magic and my ability to offer freedom, hope, and love. 

I can also guarantee that your vagina is magical too.. You just need to show up for her.


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