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Nov 03, 2019

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have early access to my Leak No More Series online right now. I’ve been talking about it, working on it, and moving forward with making it better. I felt that I needed to take some time to explain to you the reason behind my WHY.  

There are 3 questions I want to answer here. 

1--> WHY online. 

2--> WHY incontinence. 

3--> WHY postpartum athletes. 

So, let’s get to it! 

First and foremost, my WHY for online... I am amazed by what we can access and how easily we can access help and things online from literally ANYWHERE. Online gives you the option to do anything and everything from your home and even from your phone now. 

But why do I, a pelvic floor physical therapist, want to do anything online? Well, the answer is simple.  

With my practice, I’ve realized I can only reach a handful of people. I am able to help whoever is in my clinic, with me. But online, I can literally reach thousands.... even millions. Can you imagine?! 

What if my message gets to thousands and millions of women every single day? What if that many women learn and understand that their vagina is not to be feared and you don’t have to suffer? 

How amazing would that be?! 

The next question I want to answer is, why did I choose to create a program around urine leakage? I chose stress urinary incontinence specifically because I realized the clients, I was treating were doing CrossFit and I would get the same complaints: 

“I pee when I jump rope,” or “I pee when I run,” or “well, I had a baby so I assumed it was normal.” 

Which (I'm about to go down a rabbit hole here...) it is never normal to lose any urine out of your control. You should never be peeing, even just a little bit. This is a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction and if it isn’t treated it is very possible to create other problems later on in life.  

Rabbit hole ended.... I also during my studies realized how freaking common it is for women to have urinary incontinence. In the athletic world, over 70% of women leak urine of some sort. That is an outstanding and sad number. I want to play a part in changing that statistic. 

The main point is: 

Peeing yourself is never normal. It is highly common. But there is help. 

Then, I always get asked why I created it for postpartum athletes and not pregnant women or just women in general. I initially was presented with mostly the postpartum population and began my journey specializing in that population. I’ve also noticed that in business it, is much more effective to niche down as far as possible.  

I knew the postpartum athlete had just gone through their longest and hardest journey. They usually try and get back to the gym asap, are not given good information on prevention of impairment, and are unsure what to do and what not to do. That’s where I’m the expert!  

It’s so amazing to hear all about the stories women have about their postpartum journey. From how the staff communicated with them, to what their choices were... how did they feel after coming home or when the staff left... What were their fears, their thoughts... 

Postpartum women are the most powerful humans in my opinion. They have just defied all of what seems possible by pushing a baby out of a very small hole, and still smiling for the pictures. Women are fascinating. 

This also comes to the fear of my possibility of not having the opportunity to have my own children. I know I’m not alone in this, but it is something I look up to women who can so deeply. 

I LOVE treating this population throughout their transition because they are motivated. Not by the “I wanna get my body back,” that’s not what gets me. But the “I wanna be the best mom ever.” “I want to feel good in the bedroom again with my new body.” 

It’s AMAZING and I am always learning and always baffled by the strength I see in my office. 

Hopefully that gives you some clarity on my why and what it is I'm trying to do. 

So, if you are a postpartum female who is experiencing urinary incontinence with either double unders, box jumps, running, or even squats... Please head over to my Leak No More Series and give it a try. I want to help you! 

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Dr. Kaylee 


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