“My Body is Gross...”

Oct 20, 2019

I was watching a movie the other day, called “Lovelace” about the porn star Linda Lovelace. In the beginning of this movie, Linda went to the roller derby and started to be like her friend who was a “go-go dancer.” She had an awesome time and really enjoyed herself...then met Chuck. 

What really caught my attention was the first time they were about to sleep together. She got naked, covered herself, jumped on the bed and then covered herself again.  

Chuck wanted to see her. He told her that...but due to her history of being pregnant and having had a baby she made comments like... 

“I hate my body.” 

“My stomach is gross.” 

“My body is gross.” 

“I hate the way it looks” 

And I started to really dig deep...because this is a very familiar way of talking. My clients frequently speak this way about themselves. They are in my office telling me: 

“I want my pre baby body back.” 

“I hate my mommy pooch.” 

“I want to be skinny again.” 

It breaks my heart. I know it must be incredibly difficult to have a different body and feel so differently about yourself. But I want you to know....you are beautiful just the way you are. You are perfect. You are worth it. 

It makes me incredibly saddened to know most of us live this way and we hate our body. 

I took my clothes off and stared at myself in the mirror and what I noticed was I said 5 really terrible things about myself... 

“I am fat.” 

“I have cellulite and it definitely looks like I don’t workout.” 

“I need to cut my calories.” 

“I cannot let Phil see me naked.” 

Right after I watched this movie and was heartbroken by the self hate.... and here I am hating on myself again... 

Why are we so conditioned to hate everything about our bodies? Why do we have to look the same as before babies? Why do we need to be “skinny” and “flat stomached” without any fat... 

Lets rid of that mentality and begin loving ourselves NOW....we are beautiful....we deserve all the love.  


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