Jul 28, 2019

How can you expect to be able to offer anyone else anything if you do not first love yourself.  

My patients get a “pep talk” at their appointment because it is so important to understand and realize that you deserve so much. You deserve all the things you want and need in life. 

You are perfect how you are. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are ENOUGH. 

 Frequently my patients will actually ask me, “Why are you making me journal?” Or “I came for pain and leaking, not to do meditation and mindset training.” My answer? It’s all connected. It is all for a purpose. 

You cannot. You will not. Get better or alleviate your symptoms if you do not first get your mind right.  

You need to dig deep into the stories you tell yourself. Dig deep into the lies that you are letting lead your life and really conquer those first before you will ever fully recover from any pain or dysfunction. 

I urge you today to take a moment and write down the following:

  • 3 reasons you deserve what you have in your life (only positives please!) 
  • 3 things you are grateful for 
  • 3 reasons others love you 
  • 3 lies/stories you are telling yourself about your injury/pain/dysfunction/limitation 

Here are mine: 

I am a giving person. 
I am a loving person. 
I work very hard for what I have. 

The ability to breathe. 
My husband and his kindness, love, and support. 
My knowledge that nobody can take from me. 

I am easy to talk to. 
I am a natural motivator. 
I have a positive energy that allows others to feel safe. 

I deserve to be hurt because I pushed too hard. 
I don’t deserve to be better because many of my patients are worse off. 

I am not good enough to be able to get better. 


Now, how do you feel? I urge you to do this frequently because you deserve it.


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