Apr 13, 2018

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This is something that has been resonating with me deeply recently. I’ve been struggling with trying to make myself “look like everyone else” or worrying about why I’m not doing what someone else is doing, seeing the results, or where I want to be.
Here’s the thing though, I’m hella weird. I am nothing like everyone else. Absolutely different. Ask anyone who knows me well, I am different. I’m the best me. I am awesome. So why the hell am I wasting so much time freaking out about not being where everyone else is? My husband says this to me all the time, but I do not give him the credit of course.
We have a choice to be miserable or to focus on happiness. There is no reason to be miserable or be envious of what anyone else has because you have the potential to have everything you want to have.
Buy this book or click the link below. IT IS A GAME CHANGER. Stop wasting time and change your own life and get what’s yours. Nobody else is going to do it for you, but the world deserves you and the REAL you. The perfect YOU.
I know this was a shorter post than most. I am going to begin posting more information about PT related things for those of you who have requested it, but I feel everything starts with the mind. If we do not have the right mindset what good will we do? It is all the mindset.
For example. I just worked a 40 hour week (more like 50 if you include marketing/documenting/etc). Then I work about a 10 hour day tomorrow, Saturday, and will most likely work some on Sunday. Then Monday-Wednesday are 12 hour shifts, Thursday 8 to get ready for a week off for vacation.
Here is my point. All week I was dreading it. I was already exhausted thinking about how tired I’m going to be. How I’m not going to have time to pack, do house work, cook, or hang out with my husband or friends. Then it hit me. THIS IS NOT THE MINDSET OF A WINNER. A winner says, “I have this much time to change lives, let’s see what impact I can make.” or “I’m going to use my  off time so wisely to make sure I’m 100% for my patients this weekend.” Yes, working lots of hours is hard. But being negative is harder. It takes work but once you make the change over, you focus on positive mindset, your life will change forever.
I urge you to try it with something this weekend. Every negative thought you get, make it positive. Change it. Fix it. YOU are in control of your actions and your mindset. If you have a better mindset, you will be in awe the life changes you will see.

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