Mar 20, 2018

I’m SO sorry for the late post! I’ve had a student with me at work and we stayed late to learn about billing and documentation,  then when I got home I fell asleep instantly. I am SO sorry for being late.
Anyways. Here’s my recap of my 9th day of eating well and exercising everyday.
My calves are on fire!! I am not even sure what I did to make them so sore, but they are. I have started to jump rope in between the 21 day fix workouts so I assume that is it. Other than that, my body feels  great. My skin is not as dry, I am toning up in areas that were not toned up before, and starting to feel like I can have the body I had 10 years ago if I keep at it!
My main excitement is the food though. I’m still never hungry. I am craving sugar a little bit here lately, but remember I had that mimosa on Sunday (I am actually kicking myself for it). Even though I stayed on the 21 day container idea, I still cheated when it comes to MY goal. So what I did is I restarted the sugar/dairy/gluten to the day after. So I did not count the days before. It all started on Monday for that. Today is the 10th day of  the 21 day fix and I’m getting closer and closer to the results I want to see!
What I need to improve:
More water.
Eating more than 2 meals. I’ve been eating breakfast and lunch, but not dinner due to getting home so late and I’ve also been skipping snacks or small meals around the bigger meals. I need those.
More meditation. In order to fit in the workouts and the food prep, I’ve sacraficed several other things. One of which was time off of my meditation. But that can’t happen anymore.
Let me tell you something about meditation. I have an anxious mind. If you know me, you know that. For instance.  If someone does not text me back after I spill out my feelings, I literally go into  a thinking mode that they hate my guts, I need to avoid seeing them ever again, and that’s that. However, when I meditate I can actually let these things go. So I’ve got to work on getting that back into my normal day. Maybe at lunch. I’ve been sitting and talking to the student at lunch, but I think I’m going to start meditating again.
Don’t let people define you and who you are. What they think about you is not what matters. What matters is what you think about you and  what your close knit circle thinks about you. If you are passionate about what you want to do, then it will show. Everything will be okay!


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