Feb 09, 2019

Are you ever in a situation where you feel….alone? Or lonely? How about after you had your first baby? Did you feel as if you were….without?

This blog post is going out to ALL women in the prenatal period, during pregnancy, and the postpartum period. You need a village for your care. You NEED more than one healthcare professional. You cannot expect one healthcare professional to have all of your needs. It just isn’t possible.

In my scope of practice, physical therapy, I am an expert in the following (this is not an all inclusive list):

  • Muscles.

  • Anatomy and biomechanics.

  • Joint mobility.

  • Movement pattern.

  • Functional movements (things you do often).

  • Walking.

  • Posture.

  • Nervous system including: nerve mobility, nerve symptoms.

  • Neuromuscular dysfunction/impairments (Multiple sclerosis, etc.)

  • Cardiovascular system for progression of exercise.

  • Musculoskeletal function and dysfunction.

  • Manual therapy including: massage, tissue release, scar tissue.

  • Internal vaginal or rectal assessment.

  • Diaphragm and core assessment, diagnosis, treatment.

  • Exercise prescription.

Now, it may seem that I do it all, but honestly, I don’t. I would never admit that I do. There are many things I see in my office every single day that I refer out for. I often find myself referring to counseling, chiropractic care, surgeons, gynecologists, etc. I love to make connections with other healthcare professionals whom I know have the same goal in mind as I do of:

Giving the woman the care she deserves throughout her journey.

If I find that professional, I will refer out. If there is something I am unable to treat or need help treating, I refer out.

I am that clinician who will sit across from you and state, “I unfortunately do not have the tools to be able to help with this issue, but I know who can.”

I’m not afraid of that. Please on your journey to find healthcare providers find the ones willing to work with you and a team. If they say you only need them….you may be in the wrong place…


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