Is Seeing A Pelvic Floor PT Important?

Apr 04, 2021

Well, that depends. How do you feel about it?

I know that sounds like a silly way to answer the question, but quite honestly, the best way to answer whether seeing a Pelvic PT is important is to recognize whether seeing a pelvic PT is important to YOU.

Let's first describe some of the typical reasons people reach out to schedule appointments with a Pelvic PT.

  • Urinary Incontinence - This is one of the most common reasons that clients reach out. Unfortunately, typically, we don't reach out until we have dealt with it for years or until we are considering other means of treatment or even surgery. Leaking with coughing, laughing, sneezing, or even exercising is something that we do not have to live with BUT we must decide whether it is important enough for us to take care of.
  • Painful Sex - This is another very common reason people reach out to see a pelvic PT. Whether you are experiencing pain because you have had a traumatic birth, surgery, or you have always felt like you've struggled with enjoying sex, this is something we can help with. The key is knowing WHY you are experiencing pain. What is the cause? From there, we treat and we have excellent results.
  • Prolapse - Is it even safe to exercise with prolapse? We help you understand what pelvic organ prolapse is, what type and stage you may have, and how to navigate around the symptoms so you can get back to everything you want.
  • Diastasis Recti - Learning what diastasis recti is and how to exercise WITHOUT surgery.

There are so many other things.... we work with clients whom are pregnant and want to learn more about how to optimize their experience for their body during labor and delivery... we help women return to fitness after giving birth... we work with post c-section and scar tissue education and healing... we work with inability to feel or get to an orgasm...

We can treat so many things.

So, yes. Pelvic PT is important.

I believe every woman should see a Pelvic PT. EVERY woman should see a Pelvic PT prior to pregnancy, during, and after. OR when they start having sex. It can be an excellent way to KNOW your body and learn about it.

But again, I have to ask.

Is living without any of the above... or having a leak free, pain free, incredible sex life... important to yoU?

That is your answer. 


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