I Completed a Juice Cleanse!

Aug 04, 2019

I know, it seems a bit cliché sometimes, but I did it and I’m extrememly proud of myself. I actually LOVE juicing but have not had the time or ability to do it on my own. I also understand the value of chewing your food, especially in the morning because it creates salivation to help with bowel movements. 

BUT I’ve been having some incredibly frustrating health issues recently. I’ve been suffering from: insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety, migraines, panic attacks, and extreme fatigue. This is all besides the point of trying to eat well.  

I eat vegetables all the time and I add in fruits for my sweet tooth, but let’s face it. Owning 2 businesses, having a new puppy, and constantly being somewhere for someone sometimes knocks me off of my train.  

So, Jus by Julie was recommended to me by my mentor/coach and a wonderful friend of mine. I decided to give the 3 day juice cleanse a try. I have documented this so you can read about what my thoughts are about each of the juices and how I’m feeling. 

The morning of: I was already hungry, ha! Go figure. My mind was messing with me telling me I cannot make it 3 days without FOOD but I pushed through. I had 1 8 oz cup of black coffee, drank 2 8 oz glasses of water and started with the first juice. 

Day 1: 

I drank all 6 of my juices and ultimately I felt pretty good. I felt as if I was giving my body exactly what it wanted and needed at this time. I felt like I was refueling!!! I went to bed early and drank about a gallon and a half of water this day. 

Day 2: 

I was starving. I definitely felt the effect here, I could not work out. I was exhausted by 11 AM, and I had a full day of clients. It was really rough to get through this day, I felt really overwhelmed and stressed out about it too because I could not have real food!!! I was craving crunchy veggies and lots of fruit though so I guess that’s good! Also, on this cleanse you can have 2 cups of vegetables for dinner but I chose to challenge myself. 

Day 3: 

Nope, never doing this again, ha! I was miserable. I was exhausted. Starving. Pooping every 2 hours, all that fiber got to me. It was crazy how tired I was from not having my normal amount of protein. But I stuck it out and made it through. The cleanse is over! 

I think this was a great way for me to re-integrate more fruits and veggies into my body because let’s face it, as a business owner it’s super hard to take time for yourself and making sure you are getting all that you need.  

I definitely see myself using these as a supplement to my already cooked food, but I’m not sure I will do a full on cleanse again... I have way too much energy to downgrade myself, ha! But it was totally worth it. 


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