Jun 01, 2019

Since 2016, I've been a pelvic floor physical therapist. But the truth is, since 2016 I've actually been unfulfilled. I've learned a lot through my journey of being a pelvic floor physical therapist and also being a victim of pelvic floor dysfunction.  

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1. I've learned that women are silent sufferers. Through my rape and also through my struggles with urinary incontinence, I was silent for over 10 years. I did not speak about this. I did not discuss this. I was so afraid and embarrassed by what was happening I could not speak of it. I see patients daily that are opening up for the first time about their fears and embarrassments. 

2. Our healthcare system is shit. Whether it is because of insurance or because of doctor's telling patient's things are in their heads, our healthcare system is not set up to support women throughout pregnancy or throughout their postpartum journey. Even if it is because of being told you need to "get over it" following a rape or domestic violence. I've seen women being mistreated in the healthcare system for too long.  

3. Massive pain creates a passion. I've gone through so much pain from the rape, from the embarrassment, from the burn out. I was unable to treat how I wanted, so I had to learn other things. I had to create what I wish I had, all because I had an immense passion from the pains I've dealt with. I am so passionate about my mission, about my patients, that is drives me every single day to give and serve this community. 

4. It is considered NORMAL to have pelvic floor dysfunction. Whether it is pain with sex, diastasis recti, prolapse, or urinary incontinence it is considered normal for women to suffer from these things. We are not given support from our healthcare system nor are we supported by a community. I am telling you there is hope and help!  

5. Kegels are thought to be an end all be all and we just need to get over it. We are often told throughout pregnancy, before pregnancy, and after having babies to "get over it," "do your kegels." These things often worsen the symptoms and give absolutely NO VALUE to the full aspect of care a woman deserves.  

And that's my story. for the last 2 1/2 years I've been treating women with all of the lessons I've learned to offer support, provide a space, and make sure they are aware of all of their options. Hopefully now you can decide if I am your vagina doc or not.  

I have programs and options that are all based around my story and the low points I've experienced as both a victim and also as a clinician that can help so many. 

I want to tell you that if you're going through anything I've talked about in these emails, that is usually when you make the best decisions. It happened to me when I decided not only to help myself but to open up my practice, and I believe freedom from pelvic dysfunction can happen for you.  

Tell me a little bit more about yourself now, I would LOVE to hear your story! 


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