May 25, 2019

So, I'm burnt out now. I realized I was not equipped to see 20+ patients per day and give them the care they deserved. The healthcare system was terrible and my patient's deserved so much better. I realized women especially were being forced to comply with the medical system as well as suffer silently. I suffered and was treating so many that were suffering. Especially during pregnancy and postpartum... 

I realized to provide the care my patients deserve, the care women deserve, I had to create my own practice and do it on my terms. I was getting an itch that I had more dreams and more ambitions than any employer would allow me to reach. 

Deep down I knew there was something bigger but I did not fully understand it at the time. I realized that pregnant and postpartum women are not allowed to have a voice and are being forced to comply to the "norm," especially when it comes to the athlete. During pregnancy it is normal to leak during exercise and you should "take it easy," and postpartum you should get back to exercise as soon as possible and leaking with exercise is something that you should just deal with. Diastasis recti is just normal and so is having pain with sex. Having been through trauma made you "crazy." Especially if you had pelvic floor dysfunction after a rape... 


I also realized that there is a belief that kegels fix everything. I was struggling with everything it is that I need to do. My business was becoming busy but I was not reaching as many patients as I desired. I was not happy yet... 

I was not helping as many women as I was hoping to reach so I was feeling unfulfilled. I was continuing to feel as if I was not going to make this work, that I did not have what it takes.  

Despite what my friends and family were saying about me making the wrong decision, my mission continues! 

Look out next week for the blog with the subject line, "Dr. Kaylee Weeds Out The Shit." 


Dr. Kaylee 


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