Does Physical Therapy Help With Fertility?

Mar 15, 2020

Recently I have seen and had an influx of clients reaching out and asking if physical therapy can assist with getting pregnant. 

I will never claim that I can help get someone pregnant. However, there are a few really cool things that physical therapy can do that MAY assist in your fertility! 

First and foremost, always consider the fact that if you are experiencing anything like: 

  • Urinary leakage of any kind 
  • Constipation 
  • Pelvic pain 
  • Pain with sex 
  • Prolapse symptoms 

You may not even know it! It can help you tremendously just to know you have something going on and there are so many treatments for it!  

If you are experiencing any of those above things, getting help with them can give you improved ability for self-love and better sex! 

If you love yourself, you are more likely to enjoy sex more which can improve your relaxation levels, which can improve your ability of becoming pregnant. 

I also chat with clients about their stress levels. This is really important to discuss with your provider actually. 

The weight of becoming pregnant does not affect men and women equally. Women carry the weight of becoming pregnant, being pregnant, and giving birth.  

Let’s not even mention the postpartum effects.... we are the moms! It’s such an incredible transition. 

Then if you add in the struggles of some who have trouble becoming pregnant... it can be incredibly hard. 

There are so many blog posts and so much stuff out there that says, “stress will cause you to be infertile.”  

But what do we do when we have a stressful job? Or what happens if there is an emergency? 

Is there a correlation? 

The truth is, some women are more sensitive to stress than others. Stress is normal in some states but if we are completely stressed out by not becoming fertile immediately, this can cause some issue. 

Some research has linked stress with infertility but it has not exactly shown it shown it as a “known.” That just means there have been some studies that say yes it does affect it, and others that are inconclusive. So it’s really difficult to state how much effect stress has on infertility. 

If you are stressed, your body is going into a hyperactive state in which it is trying to survive. Stress is normal in most states, but sometimes it can become overwhelming.  

When you are in survival mode, it isn’t possible for your body to also be in reproductive mode. High stress does not equal relaxed and enjoyable sex.  

Relaxed and enjoyable stress with low stress is typically when reproduction can occur. 

If you are looking for things that can assist your infertility, physical therapy definitely should be an option.... 

I may be biased but it is definitely worth looking into. 

There are some very specific manual therapy techniques that can be done that have been shown to significantly improve chances of becoming pregnant. 

A pelvic floor physical therapist can take training on the specific techniques that are utilized for assisting in fertility. These techniques will improve mobility or motility around the reproductive organs. 

Mobility means improving the ability to move, so the organs and tissues with move better. 

Motility means better ability of the fluid to move that is inside of your body. So, the nutrients, fluid, etc. Will improve.  

There was a study published in 2015 that tracked 1392 women through their fertility journey. They were treated in a fertility clinic and received the manual physical therapy techniques. There was over a 60% success rate for clearing fallopian tubes, and over 56% rate of pregnancy in these women. Some of the clients had endometriosis, and of those women around 42% became pregnant after receiving the treatments, with over 53% of women becoming pregnant with PCOS. 

Overall, the women who received physical therapy that became pregnant was over 56%! That is HUGE!!!! With these specific techniques, there is a possibility it can actually help you become pregnant! 

In summary... if you are struggling with becoming pregnant, see a pelvic PT. You never know what we can do to help.  

The evidence shows we can help! 

I will recommend you find a PT who understands and is trained in visceral manipulation. This is the specific technique utilized to assist in releasing adhesions from around the reproductive organs.  

It is important that you find clinicians who have had the training because we do not get this training in our general training for being able to treat.  

To break it down: 

We go to school for 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree. Then to a physical therapy program to get our doctorate degree. This doctorate degree does NOT cover pelvic floor or fertility. 

After we get our doctorate, we can continue on with continuing education. 

I chose Pelvic Floor and took THOUSANDS of hours in that topic. 

We have the option to specialize or take more courses in fertility if we choose to.  

Make sure you search for visceral manipulation or Mercier technique trained clinicians!  

It is so incredibly important for you to search for the right professional and clinician to help you along this journey.  


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