Mar 16, 2018

Today I was ready to give in. Give in to the exhaustion from lack of sleep,  cravings I have not yet, sickness from being overly stressed…but then I realized something. It’s not the eating clean that is doing this to me, it’s my inability to cope with negative stressors. I am unable to cope with traumas, tragedies, sickness, all at the same time in a way in which is successful for my well being.

This needs to change. I need to focus on this a little bit more because there will always be negative stressors. If I can learn how to cope, will I not feel much better off? So. On a positive note, I am still eating right. I had several successful meetings today. I am educating my student and enjoying having someone to bounce ideas off of, I am becoming a better me all around.

So, screw you bad stress, I can overcome you. I am strong enough to get through anything, and I have been through some hell situations in my life. I think we all have. But, the important thing is to remember this:

If you quit, you are quitting yourself.

If you cheat, you are cheating yourself. 

This can be true in anything in life. If you quit staying positive, you are quitting yourself of having a positive life. If you quit exercising you are quitting yourself of forming habits to make yourself a healthier life.

Don’t quit. You Can Do This. You are a winner. You are amazing. Remember that.

Today, I had greens with turkey bacon for breakfast. A shake. Ground turkey burger with hot sauce (for some flavor) and am having a veggie burger with steamed veggies for dinner.

This is actually awesome. I’m learning so much about myself and about how we rely on food. I don’t want food to run my emotions. I want that decision.


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