Apr 01, 2018

I am so very proud of myself for sticking with this for 21 days. I honestly feel amazing. Not just due to the diet changes, but the lifestyle change it required me to pursue. I was required to pay attention to how I feel, how I crave different foods, how I spend my time, and that I will not get another body. If I do not take care of this one, that’s it for me.
I have accomplished the elimination of gluten products, all added sugars (fruit was allowed), and dairy products while doing the 21 day fix. The 21 day fix is a combination of diet and exercise and I promise that you will see results. I was not looking to lose weight, but I did. My “muffin top” is gone, I fit into jeans I wasn’t wearing for over a year, I have so much energy. I hope I am able to continue this through for most of my diet from here on out. I think if I do, I will feel so much better all the time.
I learned something during this journey. This is, “Success comes to those who push for it. You have to work hard.” I will not meet my dreams, have my dream body, or be who I want to be by sitting around waiting on someone to do it for it. It doesn’t happen that way. I have to work my ass off to get there. I have to do this in all areas of life.
Here are a few tips I have while doing the 21 day fix:

  1. Don’t do what i did and cut cold turkey everything. Do one at a time. It was incredibly difficult and I actually had withdrawal symptoms at the end of the first week that lasted for a few days. It was terrible.

  2. Make sure you set a morning ritual. Wake up at 5 AM, spend 30 minutes doing the 21 Day Fix workout for the day, then shower and get ready. Give yourself 10 minutes to meditate about the power within you. You will need it once the cravings hit.

  3. Stay out of the kitchen at work. Focus only on what you brought for lunch. Don’t worry about anyone else. Pack your lunch so you have no reasons to leave and go get something.

  4. Save money by cooking and buying in bulk. For example, I made 1/2 pound of quinoa and ate it with kale and avocado one day, then with chicken, then with mustard. Depends on what you crave.

  5. Constantly remind yourself that your food is supposed to only be utilized as fuel for your body, not for pleasure. We don’t need the pleasure side of it. Just the fuel.

  6. Consider reading articles about what certain ingredients are or what a certain food has in it. For example. I used to like eating a small amount of potatoe chips, but once I looked up how they were made and what was in them they make me gag.

  7. Always have almonds on hand. Something with a little protein. Especially when others are eating around you.

  8. Chew gum to help with the cravings.

  9. Stay away from going out, but if you do, do your research. Look up what the place uses or how they cook it. Don’t be fooled by the “lighter menu” and actually ask the waiter/waitress what is it and say you have some specific allergies. It’s their job to make you happy.

  10. Remember to enjoy it. You are doing something the majority of people can’t succeed in. You are accomplishing something you never thought you could do. you will come out on the other end so very strong.

Those are my pearls of wisdom! Also, if you are interested in 21 Day Fix or Beachbody, please ask me any questions! I can direct you on where to turn.
That’s it for getting a blog post from me every single day. Back to 2 times per week!!!!
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