Apr 01, 2018

This whole 21 day fix has taught me the importance of consistency. Not just with food, but with exercise, with meal prep, personal development, planning time. If you are not consistent you will not succeed. This has been held true by all successful people. If you ask how they made millions, they won’t say it’s because they did something different every day. They spend a certain amount of time on their one thing each day. They become consistent.
Not just consistent with time spent. But with what they spend their time on. It is consistent with the things that will cause success. The things that will reach their goals. Not worrying about dishes or about getting some cards sent out. Dont twist my words, things need to get done. But AFTER you do what will help you meet your goals.
This is something I’m working on. I’ve consistently began to post videos and information on my page. I’m noticing with consistency I gain followers. Otherwise they scroll. I’m the same way. If I know someone does a live every day at 10 am and I love this person’s info, I will be there and I pencil it in. Otherwise I scroll. I’m attracted to people with consistency in their lives because that’s what I strive to have which will lead to mega results.
A few tips to gain consistency:
1. Make a MUST do list. Notice that is not a to do. That’s separate. A must do will have only the things you must do to reach your goal. If you haven’t written out goals. Do it. This list should include meal prep if you are on the 21 day fix. Exercise should be included. Personal development.
2. Highlight the one thing you must accomplish each day from your must do list and make sure you accomplish it. You will form a habit of this and eventually feel terrible if you fail to do it. My highlighted portion is always my meditation. My main goal right now is become a better me, and this is what is necessary to get there.
3. Say no to others. Say no to anything that will delay your ability to push to consistent work with your goals. Life is short. We dont have time to waste. I dont help out with extra projects, I’ve dropped doing things for free, I’ve stopped weekend working as much as possible. Use your time wisely.
4. Time block. This is huge. Find time during the day to block for these types of things and never break it. Dont put anything else there ever. Not even a patient that needs to be seen. Make it a promise to yourself. Vow to utilize it for working towards consistency and making it to your goals.
Please, share your comments on how you add consistency training into every day life to help you be successful!!!


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