Mar 13, 2018

Wow! I cannot believe how GOOD I feel right now. It is only day 2, but let me tell you what has already happened.

I believe I already started sugar withdrawal. I was dizzy, irritable, and did not sleep well at all. I expect this will only get worse, because we consume a lot of sugar in things we eat everyday. Other than that though, I feel awesome. I do have more energy, I was able o make it without having an increased amount of fatigue, did not even need coffee today. My heart rate was more stable…it was awesome.

My day:

Woke up at 5, did the upper body fix workout. Again, was not easy. But not terrible.

I took a shower and got ready for work.

I did my personal development.

I had gluten free oats w/ almond milk (unsweetened), blueberries, and a black espresso (single shot).

For a snack I had the healthy fats container of almonds.

For lunch I had lentils (carbs), grilled salmons (nothing on it), on a bed of kale.

I did not need my afternoon snack.

For dinner I grilled steak and had that over a bed of arugula, a side salad no dressing, and some lentils.

I am full!! I am excited to continue to see how I feel. I don’t plan to share only what I eat each day, but more so how I feel and how I am doing!!

The hardest part so far? The sugar.

Thanks for reading!


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