Mar 30, 2018

I apologize for posting the day after I truly completed the day. My body has been going crazy. My thyroid levels have been off and I’m trying a new dosage of medication, which has begun insomnia again. I am having a tough time with getting sleep and not feeling my best. So, my energy levels have been lower than they usually are.

During my sleepless nights, I thought of something I wanted to mention. It is, “Stop living for others.”

Wait, did I just say that?? Yes, I did. Stop doing everything you do for other people. Stop it. Say no. The reason you say yes to everything and everyone is because you FEEL you have to.

STOP MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON YOUR FEELINGS. You will eventually make the wrong one.

You have to make decisions based on what is best for you. You need to decide, wherever you are, if you are living the life you’ve been blessed. Are you using the tools you’ve been given? Are you doing things for others, leaving yourself no time? I am. I always have. So I have to change that.

Here is how I’m going to do that: SAY NO. Yes, I feel guilty saying no. But I know I have to do it. I cannot continue living a life other people dictate. I have skills, talents, loves that nobody allows me to utilize. I have to go out and get what's mine.

Go to my Amazon page, do yourself a favor, and get “You are a Badass.” It is a life changer.

You deserve that too.



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