Mar 29, 2018

Recently I’ve been dealing some medical changes. Nothing major but enough to change my sleep patterns, energy levels, and focus. Recently meaning the past several months. I’ve gone through insomnia then oversleeping, skin changes, foggy memory. It’s mostly related to not having my thyroid and those levels changing.
Anyways. So with normal day things that occur and not sleeping I’ve been noticing some things especially now that I’m on the 21 day fix. I snack when I’m overwhelmed. I crave when I’m stressed. I overeat when I’m upset. So I rely on food when dealing with medical issues. Shouldn’t I be relying on meditation, or exercise, or rest?!
People say you can sleep when you’re dead. I think that’s a load of crap. Without sleep you have no mental capacity, no ability to make quick decisions, reaction time is down, mood is different, you eat worse, make poorer decisions. So tell me why you wouldn’t want to sleep? There is no reason to not want rest. Your body needs it!!
I’m not sure if I think 8 hours is fully necessary. If I sleep 8 hours I feel terrible because that’s too much for me, I believe. My great time frame is 6-7 hours per day. I feel excellent with that. Da
What do you do to ensure a good night’s rest? Here are some tips:
1. Keep screens out of the room. This is TV, phone, tablet, ereader.
2. Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex. Nothing else.
3. Have a dark room or something to cover your eyes.
4. Set your alarm and place it on the other side of the room.
5. Make it a habit to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time.
Point is get rid of distractions. Make good habits. I’ve noticed with my diet changes I’ve been able to rest much more soundly. I haven’t had any problems other than overthinking…I’m still working on that one!


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