May 29, 2018

This morning I woke up and had some strange epiphany. I decided that my health is my NUMBER 1 priority. If I do not take care of myself and if I do not fuel my body with the right nutrition, what use will I be? If I do not exercise and allow my body to be strong and well balanced I will never reach the goals I’ve made for myself. I’m come to a place in life where I have a very important decision to make. I cannot make this decision public due to having too much to lose if I do right now, but I ask for your strength, prayers, or to send the universes positive vibes my way. Life is tough sometimes. And so very real…
I know it sounds crazy that a doctor of physical therapy would just now have this epiphany. I’m quite disappointed in myself actually that this has just happened. I believe it is because I’ve not felt well for so much of my life due to the thyroid disorder, have never had an awesome immunity, and have never had the ability to care for myself as much as I probably should have. I have always been the one taking care of everyone else. So I believe my epiphany has come from that. I’ve decided myself dying is not going to get my goals, dreams, or help anyone. I got brutal there for a second, so let’s bring it back.
Step number one to being healthier is to eat right. Nutrition and a balanced diet has over 70% to do with being healthy. I’ve taken a change in diet and immediately lost weight, increased energy, and felt so much better. I am a HUGE believer in nutrition. So, we will look at my recipe of the day.
I made this for breakfast. It was semi-recommended to me by a colleague but I made changes to make it healthier. I am NOT gluten intolerant, but I do not eat a lot of gluten. However, I am unable to find a gluten free bread that does not taste like cardboard. I have not had the ability to experiment with making my own yet, either. So, here is what I did:

  • 2 slices of toasted whole grain bread (I bought Dave’s Killer Bread-21 whole grains). This gets you some great fiber in the morning!

  • Sunbutter Natural Crunchy

  • Chia Seeds

  • Banana

I placed the toast on a plate, spread with the sunbutter, and topped with chia seeds and sliced banana. SOOOOOOOOO good. I was full for hours too! I am always so active at work that I am always hungry. I think I will make this frequently.
For the workout today I did the following:

  • 3 rounds of :

    • 1 minute wall sit

    • 10 Curl and Press (I used 10 pounds)


8 weighted sit ups (I used 2, 10 pound dumbbells = 20 pounds)


1 minute plank


8 Lateral Arm Raises


8 Rows


*Please note the above images are from Google.
*Do not try these exercises if you have pain from an injury, have never done them before, have not been active, or are afraid of an injury. Consult a Physical Therapist first.

After that work out I was able to complete my laundry, clean up the house from my weekend away, and begin preparing for another weekend away.
See you all tomorrow!


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