Mar 28, 2018

When was the last time you had a date with yourself? Yes, I’m being serious. Have you taken yourself to the park? Grabbed coffee at a random coffee shop and sat down to read the paper? If not, why not?

One of the things I do is once per week I go somewhere by myself and spend 1 hour. This can be a park. The beach. A coffee shop. A brewery. Whatever I’m feeling. It doesn’t take long. Just 1 hour. It gets me into the “dating myself” mindset.

What I mean by that is how in the world do you expect to be any good for anyone else if you don’t spend time on yourself? If you don’t try to improve yourself you won’t help anyone else. If you don’t spend time alone you won’t hear and learn the little things that can potentially change your life.

One such example. I was at a new coffee shop Saturday. In between jobs. I sat down. Grabbed my journal. And reflected. I wrote down things that happened then wrote whether it was good or bad. Most importantly I wrote what I could have done differently. And do you want to know something? Most of the time it’s nothing I could have done differently. Most of the time I make the better decisions. When I don’t there is a reason I made the decision I did. This is huge for me. I constantly worry about things I could have done differently. Or things I should have done better. But here I am. Noticing the learning process.

If you don’t do it or spend time on it you won’t know or be able to improve. Don’t be the person who thinks nothing could have been done. Be the person who realizes you can’t change the past but you can change the future.

I got bored with my food today. I had to use nature's seasoning in order to add flavor to my veggies and quinoa. I will need to get more creative with recipes…


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