May 23, 2018

Today I tried to run and also tried to do some jump squats but realized quickly that my ankles and my foot were not as strong as they should be. You see, through the 20 years of ballet I trained in, I have a recurrent stress fracture in my right foot. That just means that when I do something with the incorrect form or without support, I regret it later. It may eventually require surgery but I’m trying to do PT to prevent that!!! I have noticed a huge difference in strength from one side to the other side. I was able to complete my workout but with frustration and fatigue. I must mention I’ve had several ankle sprains and ligament damage on the right ankle previously, which I may not have progressed with rehab appropriately or fully.
So, that is the key to my blog today! I want you to work on your feet and ankles. Strength, endurance, balance, all of it. I am going to list out what I did for my ankles/feet today and then there will be links to the equipment I used to do them!

  • Marble Pick Ups

    • I poured marbles on the floor and picked them up with my toes and placed them in a cup. I did this 1 full time on each foot.

  • Single Leg Balance on an unsteady surface

    • I did bouts of 30 seconds, and completed 3 on each leg.

    • I stood on this foam

    • Balance Foam

      • Any strength, endurance, of balance problems you have, you NEED to get this foam pad in your workout equipment. You can progress to so many things!

  • Heel raises (3 ways)

    • Toes straight forward (2 sets of 15)

    • Toes facing in (2 sets of 15)

    • Toe facing out (2 sets of 15)

  • Single leg dead lift (for balance in the ankle foot, but for strength throughout)



I used a 10 pound weight (I am waiting on my kettle bells to arrive!)

  • deep squatting with hold at bottom for increased mobility


Get to the point where you feel a strong stretch/pull in the back of the heel. You can shift from side to side and weight shift forward or back to increase or decrease the amount of discomfort you have. I did this for a total of 5 minutes.

I wasn’t sweating after this one, but I do feel much better about my flexibility and the range of motion I have. I’m hoping to continue having improvements with my ankle/foot strength so I can get back to running or do more intense exercise.
Now, for the recipe of the day. Today it is all about a salty snack. I like to snack, more than I should and am consistently working to find good recipes or ways to get in my salty taste.
This sounds disgusting when you read it for the first time, but I promise it is delicious and takes charge of that craving!
All you do is mix the following:

  • watermelon

  • feta cheese

  • balsamic vinegar

Now, I’m a  HUGE fan of watermelon mostly because I can eat as much as I want without having to worry about weight gain or too much sugar. I always thought of it as sweet. But I’ve seen this floating around my newsfeed before and decided to give it a try. It’s excellent. Just enough of the salty taste I look for with snacking and I packed several for the week!!
I hope you’re having an excellent week!


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