May 22, 2018

Boy oh boy! I am on FIRE today! I have not had this much energy in a very long time and I am so grateful for it! I am re-energized mind wise because I’m ready to make the changes that need to be made. I am attending what will be the most important conference of my life this weekend, Smart Success Physical Therapists LIVE event. If you are a physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, or any professional in the medical field looking to make a change in your career, trying to figure out where your career is going, or wanting to learn how to make more cash let me know! I would LOVE to contact you and have a discussion about your goals and whether or not we can help!
Today was all about HIPS. I have always had a little “junk in the trunk” and try my best to keep it toned up. I used these today:
Resistance Bands
I used the blue one (fairly strong) and put them around my knees. Then I did the following:

  • monster walks forward and back (I did laps in my living room so I went forward and back 4 times each)


monster walks side to side

  • I did another 4 laps of these

  • Marches with the band around my feet (I did 30 lifts on each leg)


Clamshells (2 sets of 20 on each leg) with the band around my knees


Bridges (2 sets of 20 with the band around my knees)


What an awesome workout! I am sure I will be sore tomorrow, but if it helps my butt I’m alright with it. Who doesn’t want an awesome booty going into summer anyway?!?!
For food, I had spaghetti and meatballs. I was in a rush making dinner yesterday and had to buy frozen meatballs which I NEVER do. They were turkey meatballs and cooked in the oven. I used gluten free spaghetti (rice noodles) due to my digestive problems and made sure to find organic tomato sauce so I did not get sick. I was proud of myself because I did not use cheese!!!
When it comes down to it, you can make anything healthy. You can take down fat, you can take out preservatives. It is not the most difficult thing to cook and things can be made healthy. You just have to pay attention to the labels and make sure you know what you are eating. If you are cooking, there are millions of recipes for healthy things or you can do what I do and experiment!


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