Mar 25, 2018

With continuing my 21 day fix, I am not as sore. My workouts are easier, I am not having difficulty waking up and getting going, my mindset is good for the entire day. And, I HATE the taste of Tempah. Seriously, it tastes like dry….bread without the flavor of bread. I can’t even put it into words. I will not be able to scarf it down anymore though. The main thing I want to talk about tonight is FOCUS.
I spent the entire day around my mentor and around people he has mentored. I learned SO much more than I could put into words or that anyone would care to read about. One of the things I think people miss in life is:download-2.jpg

Are you able to focus? Do you know what you are focusing on? Is it the right thing or are you focusing on what others tell you to focus on? If it is the latter, you are in trouble because it is not worth it. You will never get where you want to be without focus. You see, I’ve lacked focus for a long while. I have not had focus in my life until recently, but mostly today. I came home, wrote down everything I learned, and here I am now with tons of ideas.
Focus. Decide what you want. Go for it. Focus on it and NEVER stop until you get it. That’s it, that’s all it takes is some focus. The reason I’m able to discipline myself and form habits of healthier eating, exercising everyday, and so on is because I’m focusing on it. I wake up every morning and I write down the things that need my focus and I do not veer away from it. Focus on it.
First, answer the question:
What is your goal?
Then write out what you HAVE to do in order to reach that goal. Then FOCUS everyday on that. It is recommended to spend a certain amount of time per day on your ONE THING (if you go to my Amazon store and BUY THE BOOK you will know what I’m talking about) and I have to say I agree. Now, everyone can fit in the time differently but make sure you focus on what is supposed to be done during your time. For example:
At 5 AM every morning, I FOCUS on my goal of exercise for 30 minutes. Then I FOCUS on getting ready for work. Then I FOCUS on fueling my body. Then I have 30 minutes to FOCUS on meditation and self building to get me through my day. I spend at least 2 more hours during the day FOCUSING on what matters and making sure my mind is FOCUSED on what is supposed to be accomplished. This can be something such as reading a certain amount in a book, focusing on meditation, focusing on changing negative thoughts into positives, getting a business plan together. Whatever you want. You have to know what you want in order to focus on it.
Now, read the books. Find your goal, and focus on it. Don’t stop until you reach it and then make your goal bigger!
<3 <3 <3 <3


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