Mar 24, 2018

Today a few friends and I did something called an Adventure Hunt. We got to ride all over and see different things, figure out clues. And it was so much fun. It made me realize this:

Have more fun.

Don’t waste time. I’ve noticed that this whole 21 day fix is helping me remember the important things, get rid of the negative things, and helping me find myself again. Do something out of your element sometimes. Don’t worry so much about what people think or doing things how others do. Enjoy things. Focus on doing things that make you feel alive. Of course you need to do the unsexy things in order to afford the sexy things but do it. Don’t hesitate to do fun things.

I took my snacks in my containers. I fueled my body. I made my heart smile just by being. I didn’t think about tomorrow. I didn’t think about yesterday. I focused on today and the fun that I was having.

I urge you to fuel your body with the right foods, take care of yourself with exercise and rest, and also enjoy the short life we’ve been given. Life is not guaranteed. Life is short. Love people. Love yourself. Be free.

As far as exercise goes. With the hunt we did a lot of exercising actually. Tons of walking, lots of running. Some paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking. So I did not complete the 21 day fix workout. I do plan on doing it in the morning and then yoga in the evening but I’m listening to my body which wants me to rest with my husband for the night.

<3 <3 <3 <3


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